White cat - Snow White
Realistic Pets Soft Toys
USD 45.00
This toy is one of a kind. That's why, this's a great gift to your friends or family! Be sure, no one will have such a pet! About this toy: This soft toy is sewn entirely by hand from faux fur of white colors, very soft nice fur. Nose is made of polymer clay. glass eyes drawn by hand. Content synthetic and holofiber. Just sitting.

Teddy Bear Baby White fluff
Anna Kolo
USD 100.00
Teddy Bear Baby White fluff New! Sitting height 9 cm (3.5 inches). Standing 10 cm (3.9 inches) Weight about 55-60 grams The baby has a beautiful, very soft wool from German plush. The filler is sintepukh, mineral granulate and wood fiber. 5 cotter pins, 10 discs. Spout factory, eyes glass. Heels and ears are decorated with minishtof. The flower is removed.

White teddy rabbit Lu
USD 85.00
White teddy hare Lu. By Diana Verevkina . 4.7 Inches (12 cm) standing.

White Rabbit
Anna Utrobina
adopted USD 130.00
One of a Kind Mohair Teddy Bunny 7 inches (17 cm) tall without ears. The Collection White Rabbit is sewn from German mohair, professional fabric for teddy bears. The Teddy Bunny is filled with sawdust, wood wool, metal and glass granules. The head and legs, and arms are very tight, and the body is softly padded. Head, arms, and legs on the cotter pin mount, they rotated. Glass eyes.

Adorable dark brown teddy bear with in a white dress
Irina's Teddies
USD 140.00
Teddy bear Color: dark brown. Size: 17 cm Material: viscose. Filling: sawdust. Dress: white, with a pattern, removed.

Sam, 7 inch Handcrafted Artist Teddy Bear , White Mohair, One of a kind
Melissa Jayne Bears
USD 57.55
Hello, this is Sam, he is a one of a kind artist mohair bear handmade by me, Melissa Jayne Bears. He measures approx 7 inches 18cm in height and is made from a 10mm, sparse, german schulte mohair in an off white, almost pale cream colour. He wears a little ribbon effect bow with frayed edges, made out of a green mix, vintage 'Flower Garden' fabric.

Noah the white lion cub
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
adopted USD 170.00
Noah, a sleeping white lion cub. The height is 20 cm. 16 см in a sitting position.

Artist Teddy Dog White
USD 77.00
The dog is white, her name is Lani, the height is 12 centimeters, 110 grams. Made from German viscose, fill a toy with sawdust. The puppy girl will be the true friend for you. Her dress is made of cotton, silk ribbon will decorate her neck.

Teddy and Friends
USD 75.00
White is a little bear from my summer collection "Butterflies".

White bear Teddy nature mini
USD 49.00
Polar bear sewn from faux fur Shulte, Germany. Bear length from nose to tail 12 cm, height about 7 cm. Paws on the splint mounts and have a wire frame. Paws bend. In the body of the bear is also a wire frame. Bear sewn in the style of still life. The author of the patterns Veronica Check.

Brooch Black&White Guinea Pig
Teddy Trendy Bears
USD 24.51
The brooch Black&White Guinea Pig is from the collection "Hocus-Pocus". The size is 8 cm, made from viscose, has plastic eyes, knitted hat and and soft poly fill. How to wear?

Black & White. A set of swans.
USD 182.52
Let me introduce you a set of swans. I called them “Black & White”. However you may recognize “Man & Woman”, “Two sides of one coin”, to be continued according to your imagination. The swans have an original heart applique with sequins and beads embroidery. They may become a nice present for people in love, St. Valentine’s day, etc.

White circus bear
reserved USD 190.00
Bear sewn from a special wool for miniatures, cotton clothes.

White Bear
USD 60.00
Teddy Bear was made of Japan mohair. The eyes are glass material and inside part of the bear was filled with sintepukh and glass granulate. The structure was fixed on 5 forelocks. This little friend could easily be carried in a handbag and would be a happy companion for you. With him it is possible to travel and to take him with you to anywhere.

Little White Puppy
Terezka Rivona
USD 99.00
And just when you thought it cannot get cuter! This White puppy reminds me of sunny summer days and bright sunlight. It will carry the memory of summer through shadows of winter. Materials:. German Mohair 41 mm hair length. Five disc joints head and legs are moveable . Glass eyes. Fleese filling. Growth: length: 16 cm/6inch height: 15 cm/6inch. Inside of the animal is sewed an orgonite.