Bruno the Elk
Smiling plumpy Bruno the Elk Made of thick curly viscose, pleasant to touch. Rotating arms, legs, head. Horns are made of baked plastic. Tinted with oil. Stuffed with hollowfiber and mineral granules.

Lesya Haitova
The price is for one toy. Sloth Neni. Kind, sweet and smiling girl. Full rocht 20 cm, sitting 16 cm, do not stand alone. The toy is made in a mixed technique. The head, neck, arms and legs are stucco, self-hardening plastic material the head is mounted on a spring, which allows you to turn your head 360 degrees, and the arms and legs (in the knees and hips) are movable.

Irina Vasileva
Teddy bear Lucas Incredibly kind and smiling teddy. He is always willing to share his bright mood with you. Handmade from false fur (Germany). Palms and toes are made of natural suede. Stuffed with sawdust, cedar shaving, wooden wool and mix of glass and mineral granules. Inside teddy's belly there is a growler.

Teddy-bear "Little John"
This big bear is made of alpaca, with polyfill&steel pellets inside. The bear is fluffy, pleasant to touch, fat and heavy enough: ~1.4 kg. He has glass eyes; his nose is made of polymer clay by me. Can sit steadily, but can't stand. Has a tail. His heels and palms are made of suede fabric.

Teddy bear Oliver
Halloween toys teddy bear Oliver and his pumpkin. Handmade. One of A Kind. It's a collectible stuffed toy. I made this bear inspired by American holiday. Bear is created in vintage style, smiling and cozy. He will be a beautiful and personalized fall's lucky charm for everyone who loves autumn and Halloween. Bear is available and looking for a new home.

Scarecow Bear
Cobblestone Creations
Scarecrow Bear measures 9 inches tall to the top of his hat. He is made of chestnut colored Schulte crushed viscose and cashmere foot pads. 5 way jointed, premium black glass eyes, embroidered featured, tinted ears and an orange wool nose. His blue jean overalls have the traditional top stitching, various harvest themed patches and straw like trim at the bottom.

This is my new miniature bear Carlos. Bear can be sad, and maybe smiling, depending on inclination of his head. He is 8 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 6 cm. He made from minishtof three colors, it’s very soft and pleasant to touch. Stuffed with sawdust and granulates. Fully pin jointed (5 cottor pins). Black glass German eyes. Silk ribbon.

Teddy doll Bunny "Berry"
Marina Stepanova
Teddy doll Bunny "Berry". Height about 18 cm 7.08 inches without ears. Sunny, the smiling and cheerful girl. Can stand holding onto something for support, sitting with pleasure. Sewn on my author's pattern. Made of plush times of the USSR. Berry color with a slight sheen. The face is molded manually of material La Doll. Face painted with acrylic paints and coated with a protective composition.

Andriel ITBAA Competition 2nd place
By Sieve 20 inches (51 centimeters) I created this owl without any sewing pattern and cliche. I used vireframe and then formed the shape of the body around it. Fake-fur applicated in small parts imitates the feathers. I used fimo for the face and legs, then I added dye to it. One eye is open, the other is closed.

Maggie the pumpkin witch
I'm Maggie, sweet little pumpkin witch. However, magic and sorcery, I'm still learning, so while I can only create a good mood, smile and good luck. After all, smiling people are lucky more often! I'm also looking for a new home where people love autmn holiday Halloween and don't like to be scared. And I'm absolutely not scary, really-really! The pumpkin is sewn entirely by hand from vintage plush.

Cream, teddy bear
bears by Olga Rybkina
I am glad to present you my new teddy bear. He is very smiling and will cheer you up. He wants to hug and cuddle. You can tell him in your ear all your secrets. Height 20 cm standing and 17 cm sitting. The bear was stitched from German mohair. Hands and feet on cotter pins, head on a double cotter pin. Head, arms and legs are movable 360 ​​degrees.

Peggy sue
Jo bears
Peggy Sue has a sculpted porcelain face with set in dolls eyes and a little open smiling mouth.

This charming monkey loves to pose and take pictures and agree, she is great at it. Incredibly photogenic and smiling, sweet and kind-it's all about her! Isn't she adorable?! The skin is a vintage plush, inside sawdust and mineral granulate, paws and head are movable (5 pins) Lizzie has her own wardrobe dress and leggings, as well as a favorite toy that she carries everywhere.

Brooch Guinea Pig
Teddy Trendy Bears
The brooch smiling Guinea Pig is from the collection "Hocus-Pocus". The size is 8 cm, made from viscose, has plastic eyes, knitted hat and and soft poly fill. How to wear?

Galina Khalikova
This baby panda’s name is Aiden. He is a very clever and brilliant boy. He, like his friend May, likes smiling, sitting on palms and listening to adventurous stories. Aiden is a small creature of 12 cm if seated. He is sewn from German viscose and has German crystal eyes; he’s filled with mineral granulate and softwood. Aiden is wearing a green bow around his neck.