White spring rabbit
pring white with orange flowers. Very cute boy!

GUR the miniature Lion
Seamore Collectbles
"GUR" is a miniature Lion made from soft imported plush.

Cheburashka and Krokodil Gena Soft Plush toys
Gena the Crocodile and Cheburashka, also known as Topple in earlier English translations, are characters in children's literature, from a 1966 story by Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky. About the adventures of these friends was filmed the series of cartoons in USSR,the first film of which was made in 1969. Also in May 2010, Japan had again removed the cartoon "Crocodile Gena». Toys are made to maximal match the cartoon characters.

Mia, bunny teddy-doll
Galina Khalikova
Here is a bunny teddy-doll Mia. She is a very cute creature with gentle eyes; Mia will be looking at you with all her loyalty and kindness. Her head, feet and hands are sculptured from ‘creative paperclay’. All my works are one of a kind and exclusive. The girl is completely made by hand. Mia’s ears and body are sewn from Italian viscose 9 mm;

Goblin Bear
M. E. Bears Miniature Bears & Critters
This Goblin Bear is a fun sized OOAK 6”/15cm miniature. He would love to come and live with you to create mischief your house! He was lovingly hand stitched from beautiful soft quality White French Tissavel synthetic fur and Red Vintage Rayon. He is 5-way disc/cotter pin jointed, and is filled with glass beads and quality poly filling.

Joli Coeur Monkey
Toy Art by Tina Tita
He is an ooak soft sculpture with refined features like lips, belly button and bottom.

Listening Dwarfs
The Bunny is 8 in (without ears), made of professional german synthetic teddy bear fabric (plush), 6 pins, shaded, stuffed with fiberfill, scissor sculptured face and other artist techniques for making her so real. Paws are reinforced with wire. Clothes of cotton. All clothes can be removed. OOAK. They are NOT WASHABLE. Keep them clean by blowing away any dust with a soft brush or cloth. Birth February 2017 .

Red fox doll Collectible toy realistic fox soft sculpture animal figurine Miniat
Gera Infiniti
Red fox doll COLLECTION DOLL. Red fox doll fantasy height 19 cm (7,48"), length 37 cm (14,57") Moving eyes. The neck, ears and legs are mobile. looking for its owner fantasy ooak soft sculpture toy The toy is made of polymer clay and artificial fur. It has glass eyes and is painted with dry pastel. My art is made in Russia, in Siberia with a soul and inspiration.

Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
Spiller (Maltese) The dog is made of the artificial fur of high quality. The head, body, and legs are connected by a plastic skeleton. Thanks to the skeleton, the puppy, completely mobile, can occupy any position (can sit, stand, lie down, tilt the head). The tail and ears are strengthened and can flex. Eyes are handmade glass. The nose and cushions are made by hand from polymer clay.

bear cub Bruni
Irina Fedi Toys creations
I am very glad to welcome you! Today I want to present to your attention bear cub Bruni. The bear cub measures 6.24 inches in height( 16 cm) when seated 4.68in( 12 cm). In the production used the following materials: viscose , glass eyes,cotter pins 6 pcs. There is a birth certificate . Weighted glass granules and sawdust.soft tummy (rubber granulate produced in Germany). Eyes are glass.Eyes open and close.

kitten caracal
Irina Kotelnikova
16 inches (40.6 centimeters). This handmade soft cat sculpture made with love and great attention to detail. During the work I use high quality wool and mohair. My methods include knitting and dry felting. wire structure inside the doll allows you to move the kitten legs. The tail on the wire frame is completely mobile. Wool of different shades are uniquely intertwined, creating a realistic impression of natural animal hair.

Puppy golden retriever Joy
I present to you a charming puppy golden retriever Joy. Size 50cm sitting, length from nose to tail 60 cm. Made in the style of soft sculpture, inside body a plastic and wire frame. Materials: german plush, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate. lockline (plastic skeleton sewn into the back), plastic glass pads on the paws genuine leather(, nose milliput ears and tail reinforced with wire, claws polymer clay.

Kitty named Molly is made from a very soft and pleasant to the touch plush. The size of standing 12 "(30cm), sitting 9" (23cm) Filled with hollow fiber and some steel shot for weight. Paws and tail are flexible. All parts of the body are articulated with discs. Eyes German glass, nose polymer clay. Tinted with artistic paint. Cap and scarf knitted by me, they can be removed.

Pet bear
This teddy bear is made of alpaca (the natural wool of alpaca on the cotton’s base). She hasn’t got any split pin joining her body and head, that’s why her head doesn’t revolve on 360 degrees in comparison with the classical teddy bears. There is a flexible plastic armature inserted into her body and paws.

Guinea pig
Teddy Trendy Bears
This guinea pig is available for custom order It is real size of american teddy guinea pig. The two front legs have wire inside of the fingers. And you can change the position of the animal. But in general I would call this toy "soft sculpture". The guinea pig has pillows and lots of different things on her back.