Teddy bear Sophie
USD 250.00
OOAK handmade teddy bear. When first stars light up at night and ideas force a door, witch Sophie wakes up and gets to work. She sings a song for the moon, creates dreams for children and calls inspiration to someone who doesn't sleep. If you can't think of something new, invite Sophie but get her a gift. And maybe you will hear your muse whisper. Teddy bear Sophie .

Bear “Sophie”
Aleksandra Nelina
USD 115.00
Bear “Sophie” is 14 centimeters height. Sophie is sewn from two types of mohair und minishtof. Her legs and head are on 10 cotter pins (meaning that toy's legs and head are movable). Toy’s nose and mouth are embroidered. The bear is filled with sawdust, mineral and metal granulated material and wood-wool. Her eyes are made of glass.

USD 225.49
she is faux fur, cotter pin metal joints, glass eyes, filled with stuffing and pellets for weight, and all fully handsewn. Feet, paws and face are embroidered and detailed. The dress is handmade, with button fastens on the top and clasps along the side to remove the dress completely. She also comes with a story and an adoption certificate. She is just over 12inch in size.

USD 68.47
Gems fur may look a little different in the photos, as the lighter fur is with lamp lights and the darker fur is with natural light. This fur varies depending on the light. Gem is a 6.5 inch collectable bear,from ear to foot, that is completely hand sewn. She is made from scruffy faux fur, cotterpin joints, steel pellets, stuffing, and glass eyes.

Matilda and Cedric
USD 102.60
These two mice and completely hand sewn with faux fur, cotterpin joints, CE quality stuffing, steel pellets, as well as having their matching yellow accessories and a small handmade necklace for Matilda. These mice are very delicate items and should be looked after and handled with care. All accessories can be removed and put back on depending on how you want them to look.

USD 150.39
He is an 11inch lightweight bear. He has faux fur, which varies in size, glass eyes, and plastic pellets. He has crushed velvet paws and a matching wire bow and bell. He is fully hand sewn, and five jointed (cotterpin joints). He has a story, which is based on how he was found and made.

USD 164.05
Dash is a 10 inch luxury faux fur bear.

USD 123.09
Rain is a long faux fur rainbow bear. She is multi-coloured, and the length of her fur means that she can be brushed to make her look better. The fur itself is used cut short for her paws and face. She is made with stuffing, plastic pellets, five way joints and glass eyes.

USD 136.74
Berty is a little different from my other bears. He is made from a soft short fabric, that is quite soft and silky. He is two toned and quite a larger bear than i'm used to. His pattern is different, with a larger foot. He is lopsided, and also two toned on his sides, changing his silhouette. He has a grown bow and a hand knitted comfort blanket.

USD 123.09
Dusty is a small lopsided bear. He is made from scruffy fabric, similar to that of Gem. He is an old grumpy bear. He is five way jointed, made with stuffing and plastic pellets, glass eyes and large metal buttons along his tummy. His paws are a shaved fur, and he has navy nose and paw details. He comes with an adoption certificate and a story.

USD 245.97
Felix is a pretty big bear. He is 39cm/ over 15 inches including his hat. He is a very dapper gentleman with his satin waistcoat with its big button, and his felt hat with satin trim. He has glass eyes, hes faux fur, has cotton paws, fully 5 way jointed, glass eyes, embroidery, and plastic pellets. He is a lavender/grey faux fur with floral paw patterns.

USD 61.64
Stitch is a small bear, 8.5cm/just over 3 inches.

USD 82.12
This is Berry.

USD 85.00
With greetings from the Baltic Sea. Sophie loves the sea.

USD 137.80
Teddy bear SOPHIE is an plush toy for collectors or animal lovers. Artist bear will be gift for everyone who admires handmade. It is made from natural materials vintage plush. Plush toy stuffed with sawdust and mineral granulate, for giving her perfect shape. It has a moving head and legs. The bear will be in clothes. If you want, you can take off the outfit.

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