Teddy bear Sophie
OOAK handmade teddy bear. When first stars light up at night and ideas force a door, witch Sophie wakes up and gets to work. She sings a song for the moon, creates dreams for children and calls inspiration to someone who doesn't sleep. If you can't think of something new, invite Sophie but get her a gift. And maybe you will hear your muse whisper. Teddy bear Sophie .

Teddy bear SOPHIE is an plush toy for collectors or animal lovers. Artist bear will be gift for everyone who admires handmade. It is made from natural materials vintage plush. Plush toy stuffed with sawdust and mineral granulate, for giving her perfect shape. It has a moving head and legs. The bear will be in clothes. If you want, you can take off the outfit.

Chihuahua puppy Sophie
Irina Fedi Toys creations
I am very glad to welcome you! Today I want to present to your attention Chihuahua puppy Sophie. The teddy puppy measures In height 6.24 in(16 cm) and when seated 5.07in( 13 cm). In the production used the following materials: fur for miniatures , glass eyes,cotter pins 6 pcs. There is a birth certificate. Weighted mineral granules.The ears,paws are reinforced and you can change the position.

With greetings from the Baltic Sea. Sophie loves the sea.

Spring bear Barely waiting for warm spring days, she went to the forest with a basket to listen to the birds singing and pick up the first spring flowers. Height 26 cm, stitched from vintage plush hand-painted, fastening 5 cotter pins, tightly filled with sawdust and weighted with metallic granules. Eyes glass (Germany), tinted with oil and pastel. Clothes and shoes are removed. Clothes and a hat cotton, footwear genuine leather.

she is faux fur, cotter pin metal joints, glass eyes, filled with stuffing and pellets for weight, and all fully handsewn. Feet, paws and face are embroidered and detailed. The dress is handmade, with button fastens on the top and clasps along the side to remove the dress completely. She also comes with a story and an adoption certificate. She is just over 12inch in size.

Valentina Lyubimova's teddy and nature
Thank you for your attention to my toys . This kitten caracala steppe lynx . Made of faux fur , the inside of the frame and padding polyester . Eyes glass . Legs , tail and ears movable . Spout and pads on the feet of polymer clay . Its dimensions : height 25 cm length 26 cm .The toy is light , soft , cozy , very similar to the real one .

The Happy Matter
Teddy bear is completely handmade with: soft, plush, huggable material; embroidery nose; glass eyes; 5-joint discs;

Cat Sophie
Please, meet my new cat Sophie! She is OOAK, 23 cm (9in) tall kitten. She is made of white fabric for miniature bears and beige viscose, is fully cotter pin jointed and her legs and arms are wired so she can bend it and is very flexible. She has hand painted glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose. Inside she is densely stuffed with polyfill and weighted with tiny glass beads.

Vorobyova Irina & Ermakova Anastasya
Sophie pig sewn from pink viscose, 5 pins, stuffed with sawdust and granulate. He is fully jointed and has his head, legs and arms movable. Sophie is wearing pantaloons, dress, jacket and bonnet. The dress is made of beautiful cotton lace of mesh. The jacket is made of soft flannel and tied with a bow. Legs are made in the form of stockings, decorated with flowers of beads.

Sophie Bunny
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
Sophie Bunny is from cream cashmere type vintage fabric with linen paw pads/inner ears and onyx bead eyes. Sophie is wearing a dress made from pink and white gingham cotton fabric with white cotton lace around the hem. A pink vintage velvet flower with pearl seed bead trim has been stitched to the front bodice.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
Sophie, height-27 cm, viscose, sawdust, mineral granulate, tinted with oil, silk jabot. Likes when there is no one on the beach, when they kiss their hand when meeting and; pancakes with maple syrup

Sophie / Winter is comming
Anna Bratkova
And three pretty ladies are looking a new home!) They already walked in the morning in the park on the fallen leaves, covered with hoarfrost and put on warm hats, so as not to catch cold ears).

Sophie - little romantic elephant
Elena Volchkova
Sophie is one of a kind artist mini teddy elephant made from viscose. Height 2,55 inch (6,5 cm). Materials: viscose, color glass eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with wool. Created by my own pattern. Elephant's left paw is unique embroidered with сotton thread and silk ribbons. Sophie has a romantic skirt and big bow. Аll is taken off. Tinted by pastel. Sophie likes flowers very much!

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Sophie the cat is sewn from German viscose. Its height is 6.3 inch, 7.87 inch upright (sitting 16 cm, length 20 cm). Inside the wood chips. German glass eyes. The head, hands and feet splintage mount. Rotate. Clothing is made from cotton. All clothing is removed. Sophie is not worth it. Only sitting. One of a kind! Sophie does not contain metal pellets.

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