The time of superheroes is continuing!!! Let me introduce you to Superspider, the real hero of CityPlush! Superspider is sewn entirely by hand from two shades of the German ministop. In the hands and feet has a wire, so they are flexible. Hands and head spinning due to splint joints. Eyes sculpted by me from baked polymer clay. The web is embroidered with black nylon thread by hand.

Halloween vampire cat
Sweet and cute vampire! Sewed from a vintage plush, the muzzle and cushions of paws are stuffed with wool in the technique of dry felting. Tinted with pastel. The cat's teeth glow in the dark which creates amazing effect. Glass eyes. The height of sitting cat is 23 cm with a hat. Fish from polymer clay, spider from wool. Please, note the cat cannot stand by itself. .

Prince de Tarantiny, Stuffed Spider
Meet, it's spider tarantula Prince de Tarantiny, without a doubt, very impressive person! Prince de Tarantiny sewn from a short-faux fur two colors. Feet and hands are reinforced with wire. Arms and head are movable on the cotter pins. Buckles at the legs of a tarantula, his abdomen and breast, are embroidered with Czech beads. The eyes are made from polymer clay, hand-painted, coated with epoxy.

Collectible Spider plush, 4.3 inches (11 centimeters)
Meet this is Rosie, the fatal belle, the spider is a black widow. Rosie continues my collection of insects "Miny-World". spider Rosie was sewn entirely by hand from black ministop and black vintage plush., * 4 pin-joints (arms are movable, the head can swivel and tilt) arms and legs are reinforced with wire so the black widow can bend them., * The Rose's veil is decorated with beads, it is not removable.

Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
After a short break, I come to you with a new baby! It listochek named Pai. And on the eve of one unusual, but cute for the holiday Pai suited up and got cute, little buddies! Baby maganja and fluffy) Stitched entirely by hand, agile and heavy. Upper legs bent. Filled with synthetic fluff and metal granulate. . . . . . . . . . .

Polly the butterfly
Let me introduce you to fluffy and cute Polly, butterfly-apollo. This beautiful and tender butterfly is typically mountain species prefers hills and flowery alpine meadows and pastures of the continental European mountains, in Spain, Scandinavia and Central Europe, in the Balkans up to northern Greece and in the Alps between Italy and France. (Wikipedia). Butterfly apollo Polly is continues my new collection of "Mini-world".