Bunny Spring in Paris
Victoria Ivanova
Bunny sewn from plush Glass eyes Head and legs are mobile Filled with wool

My love of plush 79
Teddy collection "Spring Bouquet" 16 cm. Viscose Steiff-Schulte, ribbon shebbi, embroidery ribbons, glass eyes (Germany),head 1-way jointed. Filling: wood chips head,buckwheat hulls body. Date of Birth: March 19, 2018 Handmade!

teddy bear Simon
My mum made me of a shabby viscose. She was singing a song about spring and sewing my arms, stuffing me some sawdust and fiberfill. I remember that day well when she added me two eyes and I saw her smile. She was laughing and talking that I was very cute. I wanted to laugh too.

Spring white Rabbit with orange flowers. Very cute boy! He is so soft and sweet Pay attention I have very similar rabbit girl . Made in mixed technique: Teddy fur and dry felting wool. The ornament is made by felting 100% wool + decorated with rhinestones. Glass eyes. Teeth and paw pillows are polymer clay. Height standing 37 cm, sitting 32 cm Completely hand sewn using my own pattern a real OOAK.

Alexsandra Astahova
A charismatic little fabulous art toy is sewn and assembled completely by hand. All the elements are painted and decorated by me, you can get to know each other closer with the help of a photo and accompanying text.Perhaps he will be a gift for your family , friends or for yourself. Cheeky, but very touching baby fits in your palm.

Simon Easter Bunny
He tries so hard, in such a hurry to bring you more fresh spring flowers and news of the feast of Easter.

Anny Gritsay
Teddy is full jointed made of special viscose for, stuffed of sew dust and metal granule. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me).

Artist teddy "Mark". Bear OOAK.The collection teddy bear.
Artist teddy "Mark".

Muppie's Bears
Hope is one of my favorite recent Muppie's Bears creations and is excited that spring has finally arrived.

Spring Bunny
Elena Malinina
Spring Bunny loves spring with all his heart! He is a nice funny charming hare made of high-quality viscose, totally handmade. Bunny is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and glass granulate. He has handmade unic glass eyes. Spring Bunny has removable felted coat and boots. He has a silk ribbon and bag with 3 hand painted carrots made from PaperClay .

Spring Friend. Artist Mini teddy bear.
Toys Anna Evgeneva
Artist Mini teddy bear. I am glad to present to your attention Artist mini teddy bear, which has become my business card. I love bears of this format: small, fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, you can take them with you in your pocket or handbag, they fit beautifully in the interior and feel comfortable in the collection. I am very pleased that collectors loved these bears.

Owls Owlets
The sun warmed the ground that had melted from the snow and then she awoke Narcissa... Narcissa a tender spring flower.

Goose Paramon
Such a friend without teeth I have not had, about 11 years but nevertheless it is a fact, his teeth did not fit, and I really wanted to sew it Meet the goose Paramon. Great guy! In his mind spring, and on the head a warm hat (to keep the head warm ). Stitched Paramosha flannel hand-painting and cotton; glass eyes handmade; hat connected with kidpoker (can be removed); bill cotton;

Teddy March Rabbit
Very funny and sociable rabbit looking for a host. This is the café toy sewn by me in honor of the beginning of a new spring. Rabbit turned out wonderful, almost alive, your inner child would be happy to play with him. And I'm sure'll love it.

I am pleased to introduce JOHNIE a mischievous 12 inch (31cm) bear made from lush German mohair with matching Merino wool foot pads. He is fully jointed and has German glass eyes and filled with polyester stuffing and a small amount of steel shot for good posture. Finally, he is accessorized with a hand knit hat and is holding his winter wooden sleigh.

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