Baby in a fox dress
Alena Haurylava
Spring collection of kids teddy dollars "Spring garden" consists of 9 children in costumes beast. All in a single copy. Everyone has his own inner world of children. Kids are sewn from viscose, stuffed with sawdust, in a panic silicone granulate, which gives the effect of a soft pussy. Lichiko flumeau, painted. The pens and the head are movable, the tails are bent.

Teddy cats Springs
Teddy kitten is made of German viscose, stuffed with sawdust and heavier with metal granulate. the head and limbs are mobile! clothes can not be removed.

- 18 cm of tenderness, melancholy, love and warmth... Little heartwarming rabbit tail on the plump butts) Plush cozy baby. Wool, sawdust, sea pebbles and 6 splints. Watches and ribbon. Pastel toning, delicately aged. Will look good in the Easter composition. Nice gift for any holiday, especially at spring!, For more photos or information please contact me. Bear will come to you with a passport in the original box.

Couple of bears in love
Another couple of bears in love in search of a new home. A couple of really spring, from which it blows warm. Our bears are sewn from soft plush. For clothes, we chose American cotton of two colors polka dots and a flower, so it is in perfect harmony with their inner mood. And inside the bears holofiber and metal granules.

Owl “Alf”
Lesya Haitova
Full height 26 cm, sitting 19 cm.

Cute baby
Cute and fluffy Bunny.

Spring hedgehog
Furry Happiness
Sewn from German plush, mohair hedgehog. 5 cotter pins. Eyes glass. Filler filings and mineral granules. Only sitting, sitting height 12cm. Tinted with artistic oil paints. The wreath on the head is removed.

Let me introduce my new spring prince Joy ! He is a beautiful bear, looks like as traditional, antique style. He made from Mohair fabric, Germany, Stuffed with cedar sawdust, wood wool and metal granulate, very soft. He has brown glass eyes ( Germany) manual coloring , He is well aged, to give her vintage character He is fully jointed, but cannot stand alone , He has a skip-stitched color waxed nose.

I would like to introduce you my early spring bird from the family of crows – Vera. The traditional colors of urban grey crows grey and black make the bird recognizable. She is an elegant bird, wears a felt hat with beautiful lace. Her neck is decorated with fuchsia peony.

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Goodwin bear in traditional style.Materials: mohair, sawdust, wool,mineral granulate, cotter pin.

Teddy bear. Arisha.
Olga Zvereva
Teddy Bear. Gentle, spring, smiling girl. Author's bear. Single copy. Bear is dressed in pantalonchiki, dress and bonnet. All clothes are easy to remove. Pantalonchiki on the elastic, the dress back fastens with three buttons, the hood on the strap. All clothes, as well as the bear, are sewn completely by hand, not a single machine stitch. Fabric and lace are 100% cotton.

This is my new little girl Vesna (Spring). She is already adopted.

Spring Bouquet
Natasha Milosskaya
Bear sewn from vintage plush. Filling with sawdust, padding polyester and metal granulate. Glass eyes. The nose is embroidered. Clothes are made of cotton. Embroidery in mixed media.

Winky - tiny teddy bear
Elena Volchkova
Winky is gentle bear, likes rose’s jam and listen to the birds sing. He likes spring! Bear's left paw and head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons and beads. The unique rose medallion is talisman for love. This miniature hand-embroidered. Height of Winky teddy bear 2,36 inch (6 cm). Materials: plush for miniature, glass eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint.

Sewn from hand dyed viscose. Standing approx 15 cm tall. (5.9 in) The arms,head and legs move. OOAK teddy. Stuffing materials – sawdust, wool, steel pellets. Viscose, glass eyes, oil paints, felted eyelids. Polymer clay nose. Czech beads.Silk ribbon. Please be aware it's not suitable for little children due to small parts and glass eyes. Do not wash or dry them. It can damage the product.