Steampunk Bo
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
Steampunk Bo, a 30 cm off-white mohair teddy bear, dressed in steampunk outfit.

Snowman STEAMPUNK :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends!!! I am glad to see you. We soon will celebrate Christmas and New year!!! The snowman will become a fine gift for you and your friends for Christmas or New year the Snowman will feel comfortable on the chimney shelf or under a fir-tree He promised not to thaw. After all it magic :-). The snowman is sewed completely manually from the German viscose.

Steampunk bear Mitchell
Noble bear looks like he has come to us from the pages of some steampunk book, from the epoch of steam-powered machinery, fashion of Victorian England and urbanistic entourage. Classical teddy-bear pattern, forms and proportions emphasize style and character of true gentleman. 27 cm tall. Materials: German mohair, sawdust and mineral granules inside boot`s button and little bell – as eyes, 5 joints pastel tinted, strongly aged.

Andy the steampunk bear
Scruffy Bears
Meet Andy, waiting for his new home. Completely hand sewn by me. He stands 40cm tall, is fully jointed and made from the most gorgeous thick rust colored mohair tipped in chocolate brown. His body is weighted with glass beads and he features the most unique hand made keyhole design surrounded by cogs emerging from his unzipped chest and an antique clock key.

Татьяна Изотова
SUMMER SALE old price $480, new price $390. Promotion ends on 31 of July. Mr.Carrot is a character of a "Tale of Cipollino" by Gianni Rodari. He has a dog-snoop. She helps him to wear tools. Mr. Carrot never sets out without taking dozens of telescopes and binoculars, hundreds of compasses and a dozen cameras.

Teddy Steampunk cat Eva
Participant of the exhibition-festival "portrait of a cat" in g. Saint Petersburg . Teddy cat Eva author collectible toy. Eva created from vintage plush hand painting. Glass eyes Teddy cat is unique, just living hand-painted. Growth cat standing about 31 cm . Outfit Eva designed in the style of steampunk. Steampunk (or parapunk) (from the English.

Steampunk bear Berti
Size: 8,2 inches (21 cm.) sitting. Materials: visсoze, wood shavings, mineral granules, glass eyes, cotton, brass . Tinted with oil paint. . Berti brave aviator. He dreamer and romantic. He love the sky, planes, travel and adventure. Bear created in steampunk style. "Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery,[1] especially in a setting inspired by industrialised Western civilisation during the 19th century.

Steampunk teddy bear avaitor Martin
If you want to adopt both, just write me beforehand! I'll make a discount! You can find the second bear in my shop also) Two steampunk teddy bears-aviators Oliver &/or Martin. I call them Tweedledum and Tweedledee Oliver has blue vest and Martin has white goggles. Polyfill and steel pellets inside, they're heavy enough) ~24 cm, made of beautiful viscose and suede, cotton, genuine leather, different metal fittings;

Miss Tyler
Lisevihc Tatiana
She is happy), her adventures and love are waiting for her. ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ She is ready for any adventure it is important way). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The northern dank wind and blinding mist are only angry. The wind lifting dust wants to knock the beauty out of the way .. but the young girl was ready), her eyes will save points ... The fog envelops and tries to lead ... the little girl argues with the elements ..

Brumm is a teddy made from luxery faux fur and i fully dressed him myself, His tailcoat is made from purple velvet with a gold lining, he wears a brocade waist coat lined with gold lining, a lace cravat decorated with velevet and pearl , a faux leather tophat with steampunk accesoires , he is a style full teddy who plays his violin when ever he can

Leopold the Fox
MaxiLynn Bears
Leopold the steampunk fox is looking for a home! He is a big heavy lad at 18” tall. He is made from luxury raspberry black tipped ratinee curly mohair with black & white sparse mohair making up his ears. Leopold’s ears are also needlefelted to give him a dramatic look. His eyes are big amber glass type with needlefelted eyelids.

Bears*n*Bling by Erin Roy
Paris is approximately 10.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches sitting, has been made with German mohair and has wool felt inner ears, paw and foot pads. She sees through German glass eyes, has a black embroidered nose, is 5-way disc jointed and filled with premium high-loft fiberfill and stone pellets.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Ferb 18 cm, made of mahera and German viscose. Pads of paws and ears made of microfiber. All fastened on cotter pins, head on double fastening. All paws are reinforced, they can bend. Combined packing: holofayber, sawdust wood, mineral granulate, metal granulate. Glass eyes frame the eyelids, the nose is fashioned from polymer clay, baked. Tinted with artistic paints and pastels.

Panda Rony
Orange jazz
Panda Roni, one of my favorite works. Create from alpaca, packed with sawdust and metal granulate. The clothes are made of genuine leather.

Brave Bear Sophie knows a lot about travel.