ООАК Horse dressed in a coat (Horse Teddy)
The Horse dressed in a coat is an author's collectible toy. Created from German viscose. Tightly Packed with sawdust. It has 5 splint connections (head, arms and legs). The Horse dressed in a coat has glass eyes. It is tinted with oil paints. The whole Horse outfit is off! On this charismatic, chic young Horse:. A coat of cotton velvet lined with American cotton. The coat has functional pockets.

Beige Bear in a cap, jeans and pants
Irina's Teddies
Teddy bear handmade.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
Stefan vintage teddy fox,hand made by me from:german viscose, supplied with sawdust,wood wool,stone chips and metal granulargerman eyes glass, palms and hells minishtoftinted with oil paints and pastel , head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins weight 300 grams, Stefan is dressed in a cotton vest and pants and leather shoes. Please note,he is not intended for games.

Bunny artist
Rabbit is an artist. He thought about a new picture.

Teddy monkey
Cozy little animals teddy
Monkey teddy Made from German viscose with felting elements (eyelids, muzzle) German glass eyes. In the paws wire frame. Tinted with dry pastel. Fastening the legs and heads with cotter pins. Head on the o shaped cotter pin (swinging) Filled with wool and metal granules. 100% cotton pants (removed) Polymer clay teat. Height of a monkey is 18 cm (in full growth). Made by MK @marika_shmidt.

Lesya Haitova
Baby panda. Full height 13 cm, sitting 11 cm, alone is not worth it. The toy is made in a mixed technique. Facade plaster, polymer clay.

Olya Mikhailova
Venya boy is sewn from German mohair antique, completely by hand. Arms, legs, head on double pins. Pants and collar made of 100% cotton. Height 19cm girl not for sale

teddy moose
Moose stitched on the updated pattern.

Panda "Patrick"
Teddy bears & their friends
Panda is made in the classic technique of teddy sewn by hand, all parts of the body are completely movable.

Olga Kovalchuk
This wonderful dog is sewn from a plush, it is filled with coniferous and metal granules. The head and legs can move 360 ​​°. The eyes are made of glass-Germany. Kevin wears classic and stylish clothes. He has a coat, a woolen vest, a polka-dot shirt, corduroy pants, a cage cap and a scarf. The materials used are natural. All clothing can be removed. He can stand and sit.

Sea panda
Les ours de Lu
• One of a kind bear • Completely hand sewn from soft german plush • Glass eyes • Glass nose • Five way jointed with discs and cotter pins • Filled with fiberfill • Handmade pants, vest and sailor collar (can be removed) • Approximately 21 cm in full height • Cannot stand without support.

Alina Priymak
Carlson is described as a "little plump, self-confident man." He himself is presented as "a handsome, intelligent and moderately plump man in his prime." Behind his back is a propeller, and he can fly. Carlson is cheerful, resourceful, but sometimes behaves like a pig. He steals buns from Freken Bock, dresses up as a ghost and does various dirty tricks. • Size 11cm standing, 8.5cm in a sitting position.

LUI a OOAK bear, 18.5 cm in height , made of Italian viskose.

This cute bear valentine will help you to confess your love.

Circus Monkey Brungilda.
Teddy by Iulia bax
Circus monkey Brungilda. Materials: Mohair, splintage mount, filled with sawdust and wood wool. For weighting added stones.

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