Polar Bear Sherry
USD 88.00
Polar Bear Sherry Full length 19 cm Each seam is made by hand. Head, legs and arms are movable (cotter pin). Plush, synthetic, metallic granules Soft belly Black glass eyes Removable collar This bear will be the perfect accessory for your home or a wonderful gift. All my bears, hares and other creations are for adult collectors, not for children (small details).

Polar bear Sugar
USD 190.00
Polar Bear cub. The Bear is made of very realistic German Schulte alpaca. All the materials used on the toy is of highest quality which will provide long life to this teddy-bear. arms are flexible, for many nice poses. From the head and along the back passes plastic skeleton. This type of mounting allows the bear be mobile and take different positions., 4 cotter pin joints.

Polar Bear
USD 380.00
Realistic plush toy Polar bear named Umka. Made of high quality material Alpaca. Bear height 21.65 inches (55 cm), sitting 16.54 inches (42 cm). In the head, body and paws of the plastic skeleton of Lockline, the paws on the four movable mounts, which allows you to attach various postures to the toy. Ears are reinforced with wire to give different positions. Eyes are glass. The nose is made of self-hardening plastic.

Josie Polar bear
USD 74.00
Josie Bear Height growth is 6 cm sitting. Made of viscose Each seam is made by hand. The head, legs, and arms are mobile (cotter pin). Filled with sawdust and metal granulate Black glass eyes Clothes removable This teddy bear will be the perfect accessory for your home or a wonderful gift. All my bears, hares and other creations are for adult collectors and not for children (small details).

Polar bear Harry
USD 103.00
Harry bear Overall height 9 cm. Each seam is made by hand. Head, legs and arms are movable (cotter pin). Filled sawdust and metal granulate Black glass eyes Removable clothes sweater and hat The kit includes a bear in clothes and sleds Happy mood and pleasant shopping. This teddy will be a great accessory for your home or a wonderful gift.

Polar cub bear LUCAS
USD 400.00
His height is 37 cm, in sitting position 29 cm The bear is made by hand of German alpaca. The head and the body are joined to the backbone (dollarmature) which helps the bear to take many positions. The bear looks attractive. The legs are flexible. The nose and the claws are handmade of «FIMO». The eyes are of glass. Its pillows on the paws are made of natural leather.

Polar bear cub
Teddy RusaLena
USD 285.83
Teddy Polar bear cub By RusaLena 8.2 inches (21 centimeters) Terron is a very charming, funny and happy Polar Bear. Look at his satisfied smile! Height cm standing bear 26 and 21 cm sitting. He was not able to stand on its own, he likes to sit around and show everyone his mischievous tongue and claws. It is sewn from white German plush and it weighed glass granulate, 5 pins.

♥ Polar bear Snowflake ♥
Where is my bear?
USD 145.00
♥ Dear friends ♥ I want to introduce you the polar bear. His name is Snowflake. This bear is 24 cm. ♥ Snowflake is made from Viscose 100%, filled sawdust and metallic granules. Polar bear is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. It is comfortable in a sitting position. Snowflake scarf is 100% silk, its removable and changeable. Tinting made by pastel and coffee. Eyes is 100% glass ♥.

Polar bear
USD 45.00
Primitive Polar Bear was sewed from American mini plush. Bear was filled with glass granulate and sintepuh.

Polar bear
Fantasy Teddy Toys by Zubareva Tatyana
USD 400.00
37 centimeters OOAK Completely handmade. Made from high quality Faux Fur, colored with oil paints. 6 pin- joints, arms and legs are movable, the head can swing.  Paws on the wire frame. Bear has wire skeleton at the front and hind legs! Foot pads and bear paws are made of natural leather. He has a mild leather nose!  His claws are made of plastic to bake!

Martin polar pilot
adopted USD 850.00
Let me introduce you Martin polar pilot. He is a brave aeronaut and traveler. The bear is made of Japanese silk, stuffed with sintepon and glass granulate. He has an open mouth (fixed, does not close completely and does not open wide) and claws and a nose made of polymer clay. The jacket is made of artificial leather and genuine leather. Wooden plane. Size 46 cm. / Sitting 35 cm.

Stakhova Bears
adopted USD 125.00
11.5 cm / 4,5 " from head to toes (approx. 9,5 cm / 4" sitting). color white., Teddy is sewn in short medium dense pile (Manufacture: Steiff Schulte) and it has genuine leather pads. Fully jointed ( 5 Ways). Black glass eyes (English hand-made crystal glass eyes) It's nose is made of stitched cotton thread and is finished with special polishing lacquer. Stuffed with wool and sawdust and a little steel pellets for weigh. Completely handmade.

USD 755.00
Made of artificial fur of high quality. This realistic teddy bear takes 36 cm sitting, 54 cm in height (he can not stand alone). A bear can move its head, arms and legs in many directions, because it has a skeleton. The soles of the feet are made of genuine leather. The bear is painted with oil paints. Fill with steel, glass granulate and hollofayber.

Polar bear baby
Realistic Pets Soft Toys
adopted USD 380.00
This bear is sold, but I will be glad to sew to order the same for you. Each toy is made to order: facial expressions, the exact size (up to mm) and color can be not very different from the photo. Each toy is agreed with the buyer BEFORE dispatch. This baby is so kind, soft and gentle. Loves to cuddle.

Pearl grey big polar bear
USD 220.00
He is very lovely and elegance. Very beautiful pearl grey colour. Made from Germany viscose, German glass eyes, sawdusts, 5metal pins. All of my toys are 100% natural germany or japanese mohair, old plush, germany glass eyes, sawdust, cotton, silk. By my author pattern. All Bears are from a non-smoking home. My bears giving joy. I send teddy at next day after you have payed money.