White rat
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
White rat is made in the technique of dry felting in a realistic manner. Made of wool to order, this image is a portrait of a pet.

- Rufus Cheeseek -
Let me introduce you Rufus Cheeseek the rat, Professor of English literature. A specialist in Shakespeare. Big fan of fishing. Unmarried. Rufus the rat is author's toy. Sewn from German viscose. Paws and the head on the pin. The rat is stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate for pleasant feeling of weight. Polymer clay nose made by myself, eyes glass (Germany).

Mr Beaujangles Clown Rat
MaxiLynn Bears
Beaujangles the clown rat. He’s 10” tall & part of my current rat series. I love making these guys! Beaujangle’s head, limbs & body are made from gorgeous pale yellow viscose while he has mohair ears, muzzle, chest & paws. His eyes made from wonderful twinkling Austrian glass in colour amethyst. An embroidered nose, 3 tiered ruffle collar & hat finish him off.

Roli Rat
Golden Elm Bears
This is Roli Rat, .

baby rat Rozy
Irina Fedi Toys creations
I am very glad to welcome you! Today I want to present to your attention baby rat Rozy.. The Rozy measures 5.46 inches in height( 14 cm) when seated 4.68in( 12 cm). In the production used the following materials: fur for miniature , Mohair ,glass eyes,cotter pins 6 pcs. There is a birth certificate . Decorated with snap ribbon and flower. Eyes open and close.Decorated with silk ribbon.

Young rat Tilly
Lena Minchenkova
Here is young rat named Tilly, 15 cm height+ears.

Kotoveika BEAR
Bored with life in the world, a lonely rat. Not to whom to press, there is nobody and "shoot".

Teddy rat Sparky
Teddy Sparky sewed by my auther pattern. One of kind Single copy. Pins, sawdust, granulate. Has a beauty case and certificate.

The Violinist Rat
Was born 16/10/17.

Trinity Mouse by TSminibears
Trinity Mouse Artist Miniature Teddy mouse Rat Lover Gift Doll Stuffed Animal Xmas Christmas Gift For Her By TSminibears. ___. The toy is made from Sassy Smokey long pile fabric for miniature bears and friends. She is completely hand sewn. All parts of the body can move as they are disk jointed. For eyes I used german glass eyes. Filled with polyfil and steal beads for pleasant weight.

Mouse Roger
EvaKaro Creatures
This cute yellow mouse is made of mohair and alpaca in teddy technique. It’s rather big headed and therefore he sits not good. But his cute tail helps him to do this. He is made of mohair, alpaca, joints and is stuffed with polyester and silicone filler. He is toned with watercolours. His clothes are hand knitted. Size: 20cm (7.8 inches).

Toy Mouse named Makar
Made to Order! The mouse named Makar is completely handmade. Made of faux fur gray with the addition of dry felting technique.

Hamster Jasper
Algis bear
Hamster Jasper Height standing: 23cm (9.06") Height sitting: 20cm (7.87") This Hamster is made of high quality faux fur and has glass eyes. All Hamstert's limbs are cotter pinned and has a wire inside. Inside his head and body there is the LockLine skeleton. Jasper's body is fully adjustable. Filling: natural German wool and glass granules. Hamster Jasper comes to you from a non-smoking and no-pets environment.

Russian Desman
Teddy Trendy Bears
The Russian desman (Desmana moschata) is a small semiaquatic mammal. It constructs burrows into the banks of ponds and slow-moving streams, but prefers small, overgrown ponds with abundance of insects, crayfish and amphibians. Despite its outward similarity to muskrats (a rodent), the Russian desman is actually part of the mole family.

Liza is one of the most amazing rats ever.