Mr. Badger
Let me introduce Badger! This badger is 23 cm in heigh.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Ostap made of viscose. Eyes is from glass. This teddy badger is stuffed with sawdust and weighted with mineral granules. 5 cotters.

Badger Bro
Lena Minchenkova
Badger Bro. Material viscose, 5 way jointed black glass eyes, sawdust, sintepuh and metall pellets Bro is dressed in knitted sweater One of a kind.

Mr Small B
8.2 inches (21 centimeters). Mr Small B is a very brave and very courageous boy. He likes travel and all kind of adventures. He dressed in cotton trousers, woolen sweater and small boots. He also have a real bag with him. All patterns of my toys are engineered by me. Made from a german plush (Faux fur) and alpaka., Filled with sawdust, 100% wool and mineral granules. Felted nose., Glass eyes.

Badger Emil
Original sewing pattern, original free hand floral embroidery, crocheted collar. material: grey and vanila fleece (polyester), green cotton and acrilic yarn collar filled: hollow fiber joints: 1 cotter pins and discs, wooden buttons eyes: black beads nose and mouth: embroidery clothing: crocheted collar type: one of a kind, original author's teddy.

Badger Barney. Height is 3.7in (9.5 cm) one of a kind badger He can not stand alone. Upper paws are bend.

Badger Ricky
The growth of a Badger is 25cm. The head and body are connected skeleton Lockline. Badger cub made from qualitative German plush. 4-way disk-jointed. he has glass eyes. Tonned by oil paint. Fully jointed and stuffed with polyester fiberfill and metall granulate for a nice weighted feeling when he sits in your hand.

Badger Douglas
I present to you a charming badger Douglas. Size 27 cm sitting,length from nose to tail 47cm. Materials: plush Schulte, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate. lockline (plastic skeleton sewn into the back), milliput(nose) 4 cotter pins, eyes glass pads on the paws- leather, clutches (fimo). The legs and tail are reinforced with wire. Take any position. Standing, sitting, lying down. Douglas comes with a certificate.

crazy forest- badger
Anna Rudenko
crazy forest- badger. pattern authors! the game is not for children ! full-length 24 cm height in sitting position 27 cm material: artificial plush.

Marcellus and his friends
Composition "Circus." Dear friends, I'm happy to introduce you my new creation a baby rat . His name is Marcellus, he is a totally handsewn artwork made of natural fur. Well I'm using just second life fur: materials from old jackets, scarves and etc. There is a cotter pin connection between the head and a separate part of a neck.

JuNa Art
EDITION: OOAK SIZE: 35 cm USED MATERIALS: German high quality faux fur EYES: handmade glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks FILLING: Woolfill and metal pellets FEET : made of paperclay with the special carcass inside and then painted with acrylic paints.

Baby Badger - author collectible toy
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Happy to show you the firstborn of 2018! Very tender crumb with a soft belly and sweet cheeks) the collar and cap are removable.