Realistic leopard baby toy
A realistic animal toy plush stuffed toy leopard baby is a wonderful gift for you and your loved one. Also you can decorate your interior with this toy. A cub leopard toy , is made of artificial fur. The body is connected with the head by a Lockline skeleton. Ears, tail, and paws are reinforced with wire to give different positions.

Fantasy leopard fawn Collectible toy animal doll textile sculpture
Gera Infiniti
Fantasy leopard fawn Collectible toy COLLECTIBLE DOLL. Size: 7.8 inch (20cm) Head, legs, arms and tail are movable. It is completely handmade. The toy is made of polymer clay and artificial fur. It has glass eyes and is painted with dry pastel. Moving eyes My art is made in Russia, in Siberia with soul and inspiration.

Leopard Penny
Penny is a little fluffy white leopard with green eyes The growth of 2.76 inches (7cm) Made of soft fluffy plush and so nice to hold it in your hands. Filled with woolen sintepon and metal granulate.

Margie's Bears and Creations
Petunia Pink leopard faux fur, * black glass eyes with facial shading around eyes, nose and mouth sculpted clay nose, painted and sealed, * hand stitched black perle cotton mouth white upholstery velvet paw pads, * stuffed with polyfil and fully jointed with cotter pins, washers, and hard board discs adorned white crotched lace collar, * stands 10 inches high, 8 inches sitting * One of a kind bear

Brizo the Friendly Cheetah
Seamore Collectbles
By Penney M. 5 inches (12.7 centimeters). Hello Bear Friends, My name is Brizo and I'm a happy yellow leopard. I think I look like a sweet teddy bear but have whiskers (which you can not see). I would love to venture out of the jungle and into a new family. I am made from a two different types of lovely white imported plush.

Miwa was born from the love of a leopard and an owl.

Akiko, growth standing 27cm, looking for a home.

Kind bears by Alla Stepanets
Leopard is a classic bear .Was made from viscose Germane .Eyes is from glass.

Snow leopard
Svetlana Ageeva
Snow leopard, size 12 inches, OOAC. Leopard is made of delicate artificial fur, hand-made glass eyes, nose and cushions of claws made of polymer clay. The leopard is very mobile due to the mobile skeleton inside. Also, paws are attached to disks and cotter pins. Inside the paws is a movable skeleton, the legs can be bent, unbent and rotated around its axis. The head can be raised, tilted, turned.

Snow leopard Tulip
Snow leopard is hand sewn of soft Italian faux fur. Tall from head to hind legs is about 22 cm, the legs at the joints, the body and the front legs of the wire frame.Head turns left and right, up and down. Not spinning 360 degrees. Toy is able to accept different naturalistic pose. Glass eyes, nose from plastic. Heels of plastic. Hand scissored and painted with oil paints.

Snow leopard Fadi
NatalKa Creations
Leopard Fadi is sewn from plush (original "Steiff Schulte"). The legs and head are movable (6 pin joints). Tail is reinforced.

Olena Makeienkova
Absolutely charming Leopard who comfortably sleeps on hands, playfully plays. The feeling is soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch. Alpaca, artificial fur. Inside are packaged holofayber. The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The paws are attached to the body of bolted joints and actuators. Paws and ears reinforced with copper wire Body, legs can be gently bent. The head tilts in different directions.

Leopard Baby
More than toys
The leopard Baby is a new unique collectible toy from my collection "Diamond babies" He is about 38 cm tall (from the top of his ear to his toes) The combination of two techniques the needle felting and sewing were used for creation this unique toy of high quality materials natural wool and qualitative faux fur.

Lewis snow leopard
DreamWorld by Anna Zagrivnaya
Size lying in a length of 30 cm (excluding the tail). Size lying in the height 20 cm. The fur is painted by hand, painting is not erased, does not stain hands, not smeared. The head, body and tail are connected skeleton Jeton. Paws are attached to the body of the cotter pin and drives. Reinforcement paws wire. Body, legs and tail can be gently bent. Head tilted in different directions.

Leopard Raymond
Irina Kirichenko
Leopard Raymond.