Mouse Shonnie
Mouse Shonnie - this little mouse is made of fur The height of growth is 6 cm. Each seam is done manually. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Filled sawdust and metal granulate Glass black eyes The mouse has clothes embroidered with Japanese beads.

Mouse, 15 cm. It is sewn by hand from a German plush and a mini-stof, the packing of sintepux, is weighted by a metal granulate. The head and paws are movable - on cotter pins. Glass eyes, tinted with artistic oil and a marker.

Mouse Rikki
I present to you a charming mouse Rikki. Size sitting about 9 sm, full-length 11sm Materials: - Ladoll (head and paws ) - faux fur, silk mohair - stuffing: fiberfill, metal granulate - cotter pins (head fastening) - paws arm with wire - beads Clothes from artificial velvet.

Ernest and Celestine
Lord Bears
The work was done by inspiration from reading wonderful children's book by French writer Gabrielle Vincent, "Ernest and Celestine". It tells of friendship and adventures of Ernest the bear and his "adopted daughter" baby-mouse Celestine.

Mary mouse
annaartpolo bears&frends
All year Mary was a good girl. She did not chew books, did not lose pencils under the cupboard. And gingerbread from the buffet did not carry, and sweets. It's all a mischievous little blame. But how to scold him of such a crumb?

Matilda and Cedric
These two mice and completely hand sewn with faux fur, cotterpin joints, CE quality stuffing, steel pellets, as well as having their matching yellow accessories and a small handmade necklace for Matilda. These mice are very delicate items and should be looked after and handled with care.

Golden Elm Bears
This is Ozzy. Ozzy is a little mouse with big ears of 15 cm tall standing. Ozzy is made of viscose and filled with fiberfill and pellets. His nose and teeth are needlefelted with merino wool and Ozzy has handshaded details. He has german glass eyes.

Mouse Pixie
Victoria Ivanova

Owl Marika and her mouse
My dear friends I'm happy to present you my new owl Marika and her mouse. This owl is my last bird of this year. Marika is made with all previous experience and author technology. Bird's joints are able to move: that gives a possibility for a bird to be more natural.

The old mouse. Packed full of sawdust and granulate. Weathered with oil paint. The abdomen is soft. Clothing items-cotton.

LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova
The little girl Leleia will be happy to settle in your pens and will mischievously look into your eyes, causing a sincere smile! The baby is made of quality materials, filled with wool, the upper legs and tail are reinforced, the head is movable, the knobs are also on the pins.

Little mouse
Adult childhood of Olga Kulemina
The mouse is only 4.5 inches tall. The toy is made of plush fabric. The face is made of natural wool in the technique of dry felting. Glass eyes handmade. The inimitable living glance! Looks right in the heart! Tinted artistic dry pastel. The filler is made of pure wool.