Marine Bear
Elena Volchkova
Sea breeze fairy - tender and affectionate little bear girl. OOAK bear made from viscose. Height 6,5 inch (16,5 cm) Materials: viscose, glass black eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with sawdust. Teddy bear has a soft tummy, filled with sawdust and rubber granules.

Sonya, bear-seaman`s girlfriend
Big heavy bear for big girls! She likes embraces, telling stories about seas and faraway lands, she`s good interlocutor and attentive listener. The bear is based on old German teddy-bears, retro style.

With greetings from the Baltic Sea. Sophie loves the sea. Looking for a companion for joint trips to warm places)) Sewn from a German plush, filled with sawdust, wool and glass granulate. Glass eyes. 100% hand made.

Sea turtle
Tata Kaplina
Little sea turtle. 6.5 cm From her beautiful azure eyes. Made in the technique of creature from fabrics for miniatures and polymer plastics, painted with paints Genesis. Its very nice to hold in your hand. The legs and head is movable.

Galina Khalikova
David is a childish funny bear. He likes laughing and playing. But he is smart also, as he likes liestening to fairy tales. David can be seated on a palm the whole day. He is never tired of it. He is a small creature of 14 cm if (seated).

Little hairless searching for home
This little mexican hairless puppy lost his home and searching for a new one. Is there anyone who will want him? I can also make you a stuffed pet for order from your photo.

This vintageTeddy Bear Seaman was made of vintage plush material. It was painted manually and was turned artificially into old style. The structure of the bear was fixed on 6 forelocks. Eyes are German glass material and the nose was embroidered with woolen threads.

Bear, Charlie Chaplin
Plush gang by Svetlana Semenova
Charlie bear, the second bear from the series "Portraits", created by photo Charlie Chaplin. Clothes are removable and the suit is sewn from a textured Japanese cotton, aged and stained, the bowler hat on the head of a pin (hand made), genuine leather shoes of aged and toned.

Bear old vintage style. Teddy bear sewn from German mohair . Stuffed with sawdust and glass granules. 5 joint compound. Glass eyes. Full height of about 23 cm or 9 inches. Height seated 18 cm or 7 inches. If you like it, buy it now!

Lion Rudo

Bear Rhymes
Bear a Rhymes are happy to present Bear Ferdinand. He is a completely handmade from high quality German viscose and fully jointed bear on 5 cotter pins. The bear is traditionally stuffed with wood wool and steel shot.

Appel strudel
My love of plush 79
" Christmas desserts collection" 15 cm. viscose German Steiff-Schulte, christmas decor - tulle and rhinestones, glass eyes (Germany), 5-way jointed. Filling: wood chips + sea stones. Date of Birth: September 13, 2017 Handmade 100%!!! One-of-a-kind!!!