Realistic wolf stuffed animal
USD 300.00
A realistic plush stuffed animal wolf is a wonderful gift for you and your loved one. Also you can decorate your interior with this toy. A wolf plush toy , is made of artificial fur. It has a one-piece structure. The body wolf toy is connected with the head and paws by a Lockline skeleton. Ears are reinforced with wire to give different positions.

Pushok, Stuffed Cat 8.2 inches (21 centimeters)
USD 125.00
I'm Pushok , a fluffy red kitten. I love to bask on the handles, like a warm home and good people. If you want to adopt me, I'll just be happy! Kitten sewn entirely by hand from German faux fur , tinted with oil paint. Glass eyes. A nose is made by me from polymer clay. 5 splintage connections. Kitten Pushok is able to stand alone due to the flexible tail.

Artist Bunny Rabbit brown teddy small packes 9.8 inches stuffed toy
USD 92.00
Young bunny height of 18 cm without taking into account the ears, with ears growing 25 cm. Sew of a wonderful German viscose. He sits alone. ears (they retain the shape, bend, head, paws on the disc, fill the saw dust, 100% cotton-granulated metal, trousers from Japanese cotton, braces from the calf's skin. The toy is the collectible hare co, and not for playing small children (there are small details).

Polnoch' the spirit of forest, Stuffed Fantasy, 5.5 inches (14 centimeters)
USD 142.00
Let me introduce you to my new baby girl named Polnoch' . Her name means "midnight ", and she is a kid spirit of the night. These cute harmless creatures can be seen only in the dark and they love to gather around the flame of the night fire.

Tiu-Tiu the blue titmous toy, Stuffed Bird, 3.9 inches (10 centimeters)
USD 128.00
Let me interoduce Tiu-Tiu, the cute realisticblue titmouse. He is very inquisitive and funny, but he tries very hard to seem like a serious important bird. The third photo shows a prototype Tiu-Tiu, a real blue tit. Photo taken from the Internet. This blue titmouse is sewn completely by hand from fluffy viscose plush of seven colors. The paws have wire inside, so they have flexible toes.

Zephirka the cockateil, Artist Stuffed Parrot, 5.1 inches (13 centimeters)
USD 130.00
My name is Zephirka (meaning" marshmallow"), I'm a fat , cheerful and very sociable cockateil. I'm looking for a new home and a new family where I'm welcome. This is the first parrot from my new series "Fat birds". Very soon there will be new birds from this seria! It will be interesting! Sewn entirely by hand from vintage viscose plush. Tinted with oil. It has 5 splint joints.

Ta-Moko the art doll Interior kiwi, Stuffed Bird toy, 9.8 inches
USD 290.00
Meet, it is Ta-Moko,the Southern brown kiwi. Ta-Moko is very shy , fluffy and kind bird. Kiwi or kiwis are flightless birds native to New Zealand, in the genus Apteryx and family Apterygidae. Approximately the size of a domestic chicken, kiwi are by far the smallest living ratites (which also consist of ostriches, emus, rheas, and cassowaries).(Wikipedia) Kiwi was sewn totally by hand from faux fur.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Toys Dog.Toys handmade Stuffed Animals and plush OOAK
USD 60.00
York puppy stitched entirely by hand in the style of Teddy copyright pattern. The material used is Moher Schulte. In the body of a skeleton, legs are reinforced. The spout is hand-made from baked clay. Delivery to all countries of the world. This puppy is a great gift for your child. A puppy has its own house, bed, pillow, and even a bone treat.

Pomeranian white spitz handmade Stuffed dog collectible toy OOAK teddy dog spitz
USD 95.00
I am a small, white puppy Pomeranian. My size is 26 cm. = 10.2 inches Puppy made of faux fur. The head, body and legs are connected with a plastic frame Lockline.Thank the skeleton, puppy, fully mobile, can take any posture (can sit, stand, lie down, tilt her head). Tail and ears are reinforced and may bend., Eyes from glass of handwork.

Panda Teri. Realistic animal. Stuffed teddy bear
Teddy Toys From Galina
USD 210.00
Please meet Teri's panda! The toy is made of high quality faux fur. It is filled with hypoallergenic synthetic fiber. Granulator for weight. The frame is inserted into the toy from head to tail. And also in the paws. Feet on a solid bolt mount. She can take different poses. The nose, claws and teeth are made by hand from polymer plastic. Pads on the legs of genuine leather.

Handmade textile elephant, memory cute and stuffed teddy toy, Interior toy
Irina's Teddies
USD 130.00
Teddy elephant handmade. Made of Italian viscose.

Handmade textile elephant, memory cute and stuffed teddy toy, Interior toy, hand
Irina's Teddies
USD 150.00
The toy will be a good gift for Easter or for mother's day, birthday and holidays, as it is made with love Made of Italian viscose. Arms and legs are moving. Elephant stuffed with sawdust.The elephant is dressed in dress. Clothes removed. Size 18cm Only dry cleaning, do not wet, handle carefully! .