Maks and Liiza
Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
Original sculpture. One of a kind.

The dog of St. Bernard "Barry"
By Anna Petinati
Bernard is called Barry. It is made of German fur. Eyes are glass and painted by hand nose, claws and pads are made by hand from plastics. Has a cotter pin, as well as a skeleton in the body and legs, which allows the puppy to actively move. And take any poses. Barry is very pleasant fluffy and very pleasant to touch.

Hazey the French Bulldog
Darina Matasova
Height in standing position is 7.5 inches (19 cm), height in sitting position is 6.3 inches (16 cm). Sizes are mentioned without ears and accessories. Hazey can't stand without support. Ears have metal wire inside, so they can keep different positions. The dog was hand sewed with faux fur, using my own author’s sewing patterns; 5-pin connection of limbs. All limbs are movable.

Tobick the puppy
Irina Plaksina
Tobick the puppy The puppy tailored of artificial mouton fur and stuffed with natural wool and metal granulate (total weight 330 g/ 0.73 lb) Eyes are made of glass, author's handiwork Nose and paw pads are made of polymeric clay Because of internal framework the pug is able to change position of his body and head. Dog collar and "Bone pendant" completely author's handiwork: natural leather, polymeric clay, accessories.

Sam or Samuel
Galina Khalikova
A dog is the best friend of a person. He's always here to support us, listen to us and love us. Sam is a very clever and kind dog with childish eyes. I'm sure that Sam will become a great present for you, your friend, your loving, etc. He's of 16,5 cm, sewn from German viscose, painted by hand, and filled with softwood.

Cat Dranik
Once I met a homeless cat: How are you doing?, "Nothing, little by little ..." I heard that you are seriously ill ..., It hurts. "So you were in bed?" Lying on the street for weeks , Homeless, I have nowhere to put up a bed. I thought: "It's strange that in a huge world There is no place for dogs and cats to be homeless.

Irina Kirichenko
There is now such a little girl Bichon Frise.She is so gentle and graceful that her name is Princess. Very small and fluffy dog sewn technology Teddy.Head on a double pin swinging.Eyes and a nose made of glass.Tinted pastels.The tail and ears are reinforced. Filled with synthetic fluff and glass granulate.Sitting,standing,leaning on the tail.

Dog Dachshund Bobby. Baby truffle-shokoladnoe color. Material: viscose, sawdust wood, metal granulate, 1 splint, discs, glass eyes. Turns around the head. Solcova tape. Growth 8 cm tall, long dogs 11, see Is your friend.

Sergio (100%wool "Loro Piana")
This lovely pink bulldog the kid is called by Sergio in memory of one of vice-presidents of the Italian brand of "Loro Piana" Sergio Loro Piana In the Russian symbolism PINK color COLOUR of DREAM of.Sergio soft, gentle to the touch, its shyorstka from bilateral (pink and noble beige), the most delicate wool (100%wool) "Loro Piana". Ears on a framework, it is possible to change situation.

Teddy dogs Bim
The dog is sewn from German viscose, stuffed with sawdust and weighted with metal granulate.

Bridget - Shih Tzu.
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
The dog is made of natural size, from high-quality artificial fur. The head, body, and legs are connected by the plastic skeleton Lockline. Thanks to the skeleton, the puppy, completely mobile, can take any poses (can sit, stand, lie, tilt the head). The tail and ears are strengthened and can flex. The eyes are the glass. Nose and pads on paws made of polymer clay.

Teddy by Elena Karasenko

Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
A little puppy living in the house of the good old pilot. Entirely by hand sewn from German plush, in the body of the skeleton. Legs are reinforced with wire and mounted on metal pins. Eyes glass. Tinted artistic oil paints. Nose and paw pads are sculpted from polymer clay. Helmet, goggles and collar removable. The plane is completely handmade, made out of cardboard. Will come with puppy. Tale.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog Penelope or simply Penny Penny is a puppy of a French bulldog. She is a very sweet and funny toy dog. Her big head gives comedy to the image and characterizes this breed. The French bulldog will be a wonderful gift for lovers of teddy toys and everyone who is not indifferent to dogs.

Bobbie Dog
EvaKaro Creatures
Bobbie is a funny but gentle dog with knitted panties and coat. He has a soft nose and funny ears that are different. Bobbie is made of mohair, viscose and minieshtoff. He is fully jointed, stuffed with glass granules and polyester. He is toned with pastels. He sits reluctantly because his head is heavy and his butt is small.