USD 126.00
Object by the name of the Sun.

Heidi Hollis
USD 800.00
Sunshine's design is a full wire skeleton frame with a jointed head.She has weight sewn into her bottom . She sits at 23" inches( 58.42 cm) and is 40" inches (101.6 cm) long. She is designed to sit in a bears natural position or lay. This design limits the movability of the bear to a little less then my fully jointed design but I love the realism.

Sun beam (Silk)
Natasha Murasha
USD 520.00
Sun beam (Silk) 41 cm , sit 29 cm, All of my toys are 100% hand made made by hand, no machine sewing! please notice: the color of bear can be slightly different depending on shot light conditions and your display settings. delicate items. Materials: Arms, legs and head rotate 360 degrees. 5 pins disks main fabric Natural Silk Germany inside: wood shavings (in the head), wool, cotton, hollofiber glass eyes . toning dry art pastel.

Juliia ALADINA and my amazing bears
adopted USD 360.00
Freedom, love, summer, dreams, happiness-that's what this bear has! He is happy to give you his warmth, and be happy and sad with you! Sewn from two types of fur-mohair hand-painted and Alpaca. Filled with sawdust and mineral granulate. Has a neck with two tires, can take different poses. Clothing and shoes handmade, author, made of natural materials. Eyes author's painting. The nose is embroidered and covered with wax.

Little Sailor, plush duck, 5.5 inches (14 centimeters)
USD 95.00
Little yellow duckling named Little Sailor loves to bask and sunbathe in the spring sunshine and bravely swim in the nearest puddle! Tis duckling tis a little dream about a sunny summer days, about the fresh spring breeze and warm sun... The duckling is made of vintage plush color of sun, amazingly soft and fluffy. Glass eyes, hand-painted with acrylic paints. Eyelids, beak and legs are plastic,handmade.

Little Sweetie
USD 110.00
Sweet girl Sweetie is like a summer sun.

USD 110.00
Fimochka, a delicate and touching girl, handmade of Italian viscose, stuffed with sawdust (hands, feet), hollofayber and glass granules.

Mit'ka the hooligan
USD 110.00
Mit’ka a modest romantic hooligan, made of Italian viscose, stuffed with hollofayber and glass granules.

Teddy Bear Lukyan
adopted USD 140.00
Lukyan bear with blue eyes...

Bears by Zarina Madi
USD 167.00
Lelo is a very tame rabbit.

Bears by Ekaterina Zhiteneva
USD 110.00
This donkey is sewed from viscose, stuffed with sawdust and glass granules. The height sitting is 19.5 cm. It can't stand.

pockets full of stars
USD 40.00
Good day, for everyone) I am glad to present you my new work little onion Jerome. This is another one work from my mini collection "Harvest.Onions". Jerome is a cheerful boy who has grown up under the rays of the warm summer sun. He will go home in his personal peat pot. The pot is decorated in the style of decoupage and aged with cofee.

Cute Theo
Lucky Bear
USD 150.00
Meet the cute pink teddy bear Theo.

Little Мirray
Bears by Zarina Madi
USD 167.00
Charming little pig. Loves the summer sun and fragrant flowers. Materials: viscose, 5 mobile fastenings; filler: wool, wood shavings, metallic granules; nose sculpted felting; glass eyes.

Bunny Sunny
DreamWorld by Anna Zagrivnaya
USD 170.00
Bunny Sunny loves to bask in the rays of the bright sun... Growth 14 centimeters, sitting 10,5 centimeters (excluding the ears). Material vintage plush. Make up oil paint, acryle. Make up is fixed by a varnish. Paws are attached to the body of the cotter pin and drives. Filler sawdust and metall granules. Hair natural hair of a goat. Head, hands, feet and carrots polymer clay. Snowdrops handmade ceramic floristry.