Raccoon Sweetie OOAK realistic artist teddybear. Stuffed collectible handmade plush toy. Raccoon made from qualitative German faux fur. Fingers are reinforced, it is possible to change the position of paws. He can stand, sit, lie down. Keeps small items. Tilt and lift the head. Hugging . He has glass eyes. The nose and mouth with teeth and tongue is made by hand from polymer clay. Felted paws.

Cobblestone Creations
This darling 3 inch mouse is made of tan mini bear fabric, with a tan leather tail. She is cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms. She looks out onto the world with black glass eyes with horsehair eyelashes. Her nose is black wool surrounded by horsehair whiskers. Her ears are lightly tinted a delicate brown. She has a pastel striped ruffled collar.

Wee Beary Tails Bears
Please meet big footed wild bear 'Rafiki' He's a sweetie, full of character, ready to add some fun to your hug! He measures approx 11.5" tall when he is standing and 7" when sitting. . He has been created from: Medium pile whirly, wavy deep brown mohair, short pile animal printed plush fabric, matching cashmere paw pads and long pile orange tipped brown & rich brown mohair ears.

OZ Olga Zharkova
Who said that the elephant, the Panda does not exist?) I used to think so too. Nowhere and never seen such a way of. So decided sew this) Perhaps this the first elephant Panda in world Sewn from vintage plush and viscose. Filled with sawdust and sand. It has a movable attachment limbs. Tinting with oil paints. On the head of a beautiful bow. Not a game. Collection only.

Lady Dorothy Mae
Bertie Sweedlepipe Bears
This sweetie has been created from pinky peach faux fur with white and black guard hairs, very pretty. A very expressive face and a bent leg so she sits nicely. Wears a antique lace collar with an owl charm to finish. Quality eyes with silk brows, felred nose and silk mouth.

Teddy Sweetie
Toys from my dreams
Teddy Bear 23cm.of vintage plush , *stuffed sawdust5 way pin-disc jointed, *cotton, linen clothesshoes leather, made by me., *all the limbs are movable on the pins.

Pink Sweetie Bunny
Pink Sweetie Bunny artist miniature teddy bunny by Tatiana Skalozub.

Made from mohair The head and legs are movable (pins, discs) . Eyes are made from german glass, Toning dry art pastel Height 15 cm.

Miniature Piggy Sweetie
Victoria Ivanova
Miniature Piggy made of wool Glass eyes The body has a frame, so the legs, tail and back bend

chocolate cake
My bear Treasures
One of a kind artist bear is sewn from high quality faux fur.

Peter Key
IVI bears lovely family

Sweet Bunny
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Sweetie created from delicate plush, paws and ears are reinforced by a rustling in my belly mineral grains. The scarf is made of silk, prosecka completely handmade.

Bearmore Bears
Lupin is such a sweetie in his antique Schulte curly mohair 23mm and complimented by beige leather. Lupin loves wearing his knitted bobble hat. He has a hand stitched nose and glass eyes with shading applied. lupin wears his ribbons around his neck with his key and heart charm. Lupin is hoping to capture your heart for lots of reasuring hugs. He is 5 way jointed and weighted.

Blueberry Pie
Julia's teddy Handmade
About: 28cm tall, 535gr weight, materials: viscose, sawdust, met.granules, glass eyes, cotton. Some says she speaks french.