Johnny and Agata
Teddy Stories
This cute couple reminds me of grandparents on the streets of our town, who go out for a walk in the afternoon. They often go silently, exchanging only occasionally short phrases about what they saw. But always hold each other's hands. At first I was surprised by these "silent" walks.

Bären von Irina Stel
Dieser Bär ist in Februar 2019 in Deutschland geboren ( Stadt Hamburg).Er ist 37 cm groß,schwer.

Bären von Irina Stel
Dieser Bär ist nach allen Regeln eines Teddys genäht, sein Kopf und alle 4 Pfoten sind um 360 Grad drehbar, die Pfoten sind verstärkt, kann gebogen werden, aus deutschem Plüsch genäht, mit Ölfarbe bemalt, Augen sind aus Harz,handgemalt .Er kann den Ball halten.Die Nase ist aus Modelliermasse.

Bären von Irina Stel
Das ist Bär in Realistische Still genäht,100% Handarbeit ( Nähmaschine ist nicht verwendet).Stoff ist Steiff-Schulte. Dieser Bär wird mit einer realistischen Bärentechnik genäht, von Hand ohne Nähmaschine genäht, alle Körperteile sind beweglich, die Pfoten und der Rücken sind mit einem Biegeskelett verstärkt.

Polar Bear
Big mohair Polar Bear is 40cm. OOAK, classic style.

Gordey and Ganna
Teddy Stories
Teddy made by hand from the German mohair. Bears are filled with wood sawdust, natural and metal granulate, have 5 movable joints and glass German eyes. All clothes and shoes made only from natural fabrics. Materials for clothing: linen, natural wool, corduroy, cotton, beads, glass beads, cotton threads for embroidery, cotton lace. Gordey 32 cm, 717 grams Ganna 30 cm, 588 grams Shoes are made of leather. All clothes and shoes are removable.

Teddy Stories
Blooming poppy an unprecedented beauty, a symbol of unfading youth and feminine charm. The symbol of the Great Mother, signifying the Mother-Virgo, is the night. It is dedicated to all the moon and night deities. Symbolizes fertility, fertility, oblivion. Darja is made by hand from the German mohair, painted with pastels and oil paints. It is filled with sawdust and metal granulate.

Wise Sophia
Teddy Stories
In the center of the capital of my homeland stands the magnificent St. Sophia Cathedral. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1036. At the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries it was outwardly rebuilt in the style of Ukrainian baroque.

Teddy bear Traveler
Northern bears by Olga Galickaya
Meet the new bear by the traveler. The boy loves to travel, and really wants to find a true friend or a friend for joint adventures. He loves sports and music, so he has already brought his favorite Raphael record and newspaper) And of course I did not forget a piece of the North in a bottle with a real sand from the Barents sea coast.

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