bear ballerina
author's work are you looking for a gift to a friend or a close person? you want to surprise and please a friend, in our time it's difficult to surprise, but this Bear will be able to surprise and become a mascot to your relatives. The baby is sewn from German viscose, filled with sawdust and granules.

Teddy bear Elsa
bears by Olga Rybkina
I`m happy to present you my new teddy bear. Collection "The Traveling Circus". The circus creates an eternal sense of celebration. Bear Elsa is a real circus ballerina. Height 21 cm standing (without a cap) and 16 cm sitting. The bear was sewn from the Soviet plush, painted by hand. Arms and legs on cotter pins, head on a double cotter pin, arms and legs are 360 degree movable.

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