The Door into the Summer
My new traveler Robert prefers forest trails, away from the bustle of big cities, he likes to listen to the silence and enjoy solitude. Braun Italian viscose and granulate to pleasant weight, sawdust, American and Japanese cotton, the wooden cane, the pocket watch on a chain to not to be late for dinner, lightweight travel bag, the felt hat. The jacket can be removed, if it's hot.

VintageDeco Bears
Ozzy the Drummer is an OOAK bear, made of Schulte old yellow coloured mohair on a brown backing. He has tapered arms, a stitched nose, mouth, paws and is five-way jointed. He wears a pair of leather trouses, a leather vest with studs and chains on the vest as decoration. On his head he wears a cotton headgear and in his ear he's wearing an earring.

Tea ceremony.Five-o"clock
Lord Bears
Bear made of faux fur.Clothes: silk shirt, beaded, wool vest in a cage on the bright lining, a watch on a chain will always remind you when it's time to drink tea.On the head cap.

Wedding Bears
Bears sewn from a special fur for miniatures. Head and paws on joints, paws embroidered thread & made from real leather. Upper paws can bend. Glass eyes. The nose & claws are made from baked plastic fimo. Teeth are made of frozen plastic. Tongue made from natural suede. Bear stuffed with mineral granulate & silicone. Toning by pastels & oil paints. All clothes and accessories can be removed!

Jaguar Teddy realistic Zlata (Golden) OOAK
Jaguar Zlata was born of Italian fur, filling sliver and hollofayber. Head, body, legs fully flexible skeleton. Nose bake, plastic, fimo, claws, pads, paperclay. In the fingers (claws) wire frame. Despite the impressive claws, Zlata is very affectionate, playful baby. Length lying down (with outstretched legs) 48 cm (tail length not included). Materials: artificial fur, skeleton, hollofayber, sliver, fimo, Paperclay, chain, pendant, fishing line, plush.

I would like to introduce 'RANDY' a traditional teddy who wears the keys to your heart around his neck. He is made from Steiff Schulte ratinee mohair in a tan colour with a white mohair tummy. He has matching ultra suede foot and paw pads; German glass eyes; is fully jointed and filled with polyester stuffing and a small amount of steel shot for good sitting posture.

Oscar OOAK teddy-bear
Big teddy bear Oscar 16 in (40 cm) with his little bear-toy by Natalia Tolstykina (NatalyTools). O.O.A.K.

Bear Kolya
Svetlana Goncharova Handmade Toys
Mishka Kolya. Sew viscose. 5 cotter pins, sawdust, pellets. Dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, a cap.

Sir Edgar
English gentleman. Serious bear with a thoughtful look. Sewing from the plush of beige tint, plush very dense and soft. Has the very dense stuffing, especially heads. A bear is done in complete accordance with all traditional technologies "teddy", has five connections. A bear turned out heavy enough, a metallic granulate is added. A spout is embroidered by the high-mercerized cotton, treat a bee beeswax.

Teddy Bear Panda
Marina Stepanova
7 inches (18 centimeters). Kind, gentle, smiling Teddy bear Panda will love You with all my heart and will be a true friend for the whole family. Height approx 18 cm, 7,0" standing.He is a medium. Likes to sit, stands alone with support. Sewn on my author's pattern. Bear sewn from plush made in the USSR in two colors black and white. Filled with birch sawdust and glass granulate.

Teddy bear Olaf
Bear Olaf is a perfect gift for those who love old things with a story. Height 21 cm/ 8.27 inches Teddy Bear brought the author to the state of the old. He sewed the author's pattern with the elements of the classics. The toy teddy is made of plush, the head and paws are stuffed with sawdust. The torso of the bear is filled with wood wool, granulate and sawdust.

Irina Vasileva
Teddy-bear Storm Handmade from excellent german mohair (limited edition) of stormy sky colour.

My love of plush 79
Viscose Steiff-Schulte, tulle, thread crochet, decor wood+chain, glass eyes (Germany). Filling: wood chips + buckwheat hulls + granulated metal. Handmade! One of a kind!

Russell Bears by Kim Russell
Froggit is a OOAK in a series made from upholstery fabric and Utrasuede. He has black glass eyes and has wired limbs for lots of cute poses. He is 5 way jointed and filled with poly and steel shot. He sits at approximately 8cm (3 1/2 inches, with a leg length of 14cm ( 5 inches ). He wears a gold chain and ring around his neck.

Peter Key
IVI bears lovely family

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