USD 170.00
Truffle. The bear is stitched from antique plush.

adopted USD 146.05
Teddy Bear Twix Birthday: 23 July 2019 Size 13 cm Materials: viscose Shulte, granulate metal, lace, batiste, sawdust for teddy.

OOAK Teddy Bear Steven with the Horse 14 cm
USD 130.00
Steven the Bear with the Horse 14 cm high. Made with viscose, stuffed with wool and metall pellets, has glass eyes, 5-way jointed. Steven wearing the hand knitted overall.

Bear "Bitter chocolate"
USD 390.00
Hello my dear friends and those who in love with teddies! Im happy to show you, well to present you my new collection "Bitter chocolate" which is full of tenderness. Storytelling can takes a while, I know but let me try. I have a friend in a far away and that friend decided to surprise me and sent me a fantastic sheared rabbit fur jacket.

Chocolate Brownie Bear
Elena Volchkova
USD 120.00
This bear is like a piece of chocolate, sweet brownie, which is always with you. OOAK bear made from viscose. Height 4,9 inch (12,5 cm). Materials: Italian viscose with graying, german black eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with sawdust. Teddy bear has a soft tummy, filled with sawdust and rubber granules. The nose and a mouth are embroidered. It is tinted by pastel.

Cherry Brownie
Lena Minchenkova
USD 120.00
Sweet Teddy Bear- Cherry Brownie ! Teddy Bear made of Germany mohair in beautiful chocolate brown color. He is exceptionally cute Teddy and reminds me chocolate cake. He decorated with silk ribbon and clay cherry. Teddy's arms, legs and head can move, professional glass eyes. Teddy bear is filled with sawdust and sintepuh. Each toys comes with a certificate of adoption, their names/dates .

Bearly Bears
USD 56.87
Camille is a ballerina mini bear made from chocolate brown and dusky pink sassy minibear fur, with brown ultrasuede paws and black onyx bead eyes. She is wearing a pink and blue sparkly tulle ballerina tutu, with a small silver flower charm on her waist. Camille is 9cm tall when standing and has a t-pin and disc jointed neck, with string-jointed arms and legs.

Sarah Dunbar
USD 409.82
16.5" bear in a chocolate brown mohair Dress designed by Cathy made from silk and antique lace Beautiful bear.

Realistic teddy bear Arcturus
USD 275.00
This cute bear is made from fluffy chocolate brown alpaca. He is very heavy there're steel pellets and polyfill inside (~445 g). ~18 cm sitting with normal neck position. His arms have wire inside you cand bend them accurately. Also the bear has a tail. He has cool glass eyes (made by a lampwork artist). His nose and claws are made from polymer clay by me.

Anna Hoo Artists Bears
USD 638.31
Noe, a 60 cm chocolate brown long curly mohair teddy bear, with satin bow and necklace with fancy watch.

The Door into the Summer
USD 70.00
Do you like early autumn? Time to take a walk in a shady park or sit in a quiet café nearby, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee and reading your book. It's also the perfect time to start making hot chocolate and lighting a fire in the fireplace. This season creates a sense of comfort, warmth and reflection.

Teddydoll Mila
Olya Besfamilnaya
adopted USD 125.00
Author's collection interior toy. Magical sleeping girl in a bear costume. Size 12.5cm. She sits without support. Face ladoll, painted pastel fixed with matte varnish clear. The body is made from Italian viscose, hand-painted, chocolate brown, natural hair, mountain goat hair. In the hands of the baby is a small bunny toy (sewn from German viscose).

Marion Gubbens
USD 91.36
One of a kind, made by me, Marion Gubbens. Details for Buzz;. ~ Created from a high quality Schulte viscose, with hand painted details. ~ Colors are an off-white and chocolate brown. ~ Standing about 5.5 inches tall. ~ Joints to turn his head and move his arms and legs. ~ Has a nice weight for a great hold to cuddle. ~ Original black German glass eyes. ~ Has a non-removable nose. ~ Wears a ribbon.

Mr Pipkin
Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
USD 478.09
Mr Pipkin is 14 inches tall and created from stunning straw gold Batik windswept German mohair. He is five way cotter pin jointed with a traditional neck. His face has been needle and scissor sculpted, his eyes are black boot button, he has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look.

The Old Folly Bears
USD 157.22
Alfie has been created from a beautiful chocolate brown German mohair. I have added definition to his face, paw/foot pads by airbrushing. Fully 5 way jointed with English glass eyes. Filled with glass sand for added weight. Alfie stands 4.5" ~ 11.5cm. Alfie is wearing hand sewn oversized cream dungarees with gorgeous doggy paw prints to match the colour of his fur, I have aged them to look very grubby.

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