Jo bears
Tanimara is a name the old Comanche Indians called the North wind . Tanimara has a sculpted porcelain face with painted eyes . I have colour fired the face many times for the colour richness and the details. I have made his body from a mixture of beautiful faux furs . He is cotter pin jointed and weighted with plastic pellets. The decoration around his neck is removable.

Jointed bear Cutie
Cutest Arts
**** For Lower Shipping, please contact me **** . One of a Kind Miniature Bear Cutie. Comes with a little hat and a COA. These little miniatures are so unique as they are so cute and tiny. You will never find an other one like it anywhere, they will also never be duplicated. Handmade by me.

Celeste... Exquisite Rainbow coloured Bear
Bearmore Bears
She's loved all the attention through her sneak peeks and cant wait to meet you. She is made from an Exquisite Bright multicoloured faux fur, it is super thick and soft and complimented by Alcantra Ultra suede. She loves unicorns and wears her dome pendant around her neck with multiple ribbons flowing.

Somethings Bruin by Jill Baxter
Claudia OOAK by Jill Baxter of Somethings Bruin . • Size: 35cm / 13 ½ inches • 5-way jointed Age: 14+ • Bear Surface washable Claudia is a sexy lady and very proud of her amazing figure and her eye catching red nails! She is made from white tipped black mohair with a needle felted face.

Lavender & Lace
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
One of my vintage companion sets consisting of two little rabbits. Lavender and Lace are made from rayon fabric with vintage linen paw pads and 4" tall. Their ears are lined with pink cotton lawn fabric. Both of these companion pieces have been gently 'aged' and shaded to look well loved.

Mr Mortimer Rat
Bertie Sweedlepipe Bears
Lovely Mort is created from blue with grey under, faux fur, he has purple lower legs and arms.

This bear was made from English plush material and it is 23 cms tall. The structure of the bear was fixed on 6 forelocks and sintepukh and glass granule were used to fill the inside part of the bear. This bear is quite special with the rabbit-like feet and rabbit like portable hat which has rabbit ears.

My bear
Teddy bear is sewn entirely by hand from German mohair. Full of sawdust and metal granulate. The legs are mounted on the pins, the face on the rocker pins to be able not only to spin but to bend over. Growth of bear about 18 cm in standing tall and 13 cm sitting. On the specifics of the pattern can only sit. On the neck a silk ribbon with bell.

Jellyfish Handmade
This bear is made completely by hand. All connections are moving. It has rotating head and movable legs.Materials: This bear is made of german Schulte viscose. It is filled with sawdust, fiberfill and glass granules. German glass eyes, face is needle felted, nose is embroided and covered with acrylic varnish. Shading is done with oil paints.

Happy to introduce my new teddy bear Audrey .

bear Archie
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Creative collectible toy bear Archie. Good and cute teddy bear, timid and shy. Really wants to find a friend to whisper their dreams to someone's ear. Height 34 cm. Hands and feet are very mobile. The head of the sculpture "Artista Formo" The body is soft, but with the worsening of marine stones. bear sits perfectly on any surface. The clothes used natural fabrics and knitwear. Clothing is not removed.

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes is happy to present this bear, William. William is OOAK bear made of vintage plush. He is fully jointed on 5 cotter pins. He is stuffed with wood wool, wool and steel shot for his weight. He has glass eyes, embroidered nose, lightly shaded face. William is wearing a cotton vest, a crimson velvet jacked, a ruffle around his neck. all clothes are removable.

Bear Rhymes
Bear a Rhymes are happy to present little bear girl, Annabel! She is a completel6 handmade little bear, she is sewn from vintage style German mohair, Traditionally stuffed with wool, wood wool and steel shot for her chunky weight. Annabel has black glass eyes, embroidered nose, lightly shaded face. Annabel is wearing a vintage style dress. The Bear is looking for a new loving home!

6 inches (15 centimetres). Looking for unique gift made with love and passion? I propose you a hand made little boy-bear Timik as a perfect solution to become cute friend to your friends, family and children. Timik is a small cuddle bear with a cute look. He loves to caress with like minded friends. He is happy minded boy looking forward to his new family.

Monsieur Raymond
Anne-Marie VERRON
This bear is called Monsieur Raymond, he is made of a beautiful brown alpaca. While standing, he measures 9.45" from his paws to the top of his head (he is 7.87" sat). He wears a peak cap and a liffle scarf, both handmade just for him. This little boy is filled with synthetic filling and some granulate, to give him a nice weight. Monsieur Raymond has two bright black glass eyes.