French Bulldog teddy
French Bulldog teddy OOAK dog Artist teddy bears .

Sveta's Teddies
Bear Giovanni is sewn from Italian and French viscose painted by hands. OOAK, my own design and pattern. He's filled with nut-pine softwood and metal granulate for pleasurable weight. He’s toned with artistic oil and highlighters for fabric work. The hat is sewn from Italinan gold cloth, the collar is made of Italian silk chiffon and veiling.

Black french bulldog
Teddy RusaLena
This is black French bulldog. Dog sewed by technology teddy bear. As teddy bears in my bulldogs used cotter pin connection and weight material when filling body. This Teddy dog looks very cute. It is a pity that my photos do not convey it well enough what he is wonderful! I am very glad that my series of French bulldogs enjoying success!

Francoise, the french nobleman.
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
Francoise, the french nobleman. a 52 cm off-white long curly mohair teddy bear. Dressed in beautiful, haute couture, silk fabric fully embroidered. The style of french nobility. With old lace jabots and cuffs.

Lady Brianna
She is 28 centimeters tall (31 cm with bonnet), weight: 420 g. She is made of hand dyed vintage plush. The bear is thickly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulated material. She has glass eyes. Toned by oil paints. She also has 5 split pins. Materials used for clothing: Italian silkl, silk velvet fabric, french lace and beads. Silk velvet bonnet and silk dress decorated with french lace and beads.

Lavender & Lace
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
One of my vintage companion sets consisting of two little rabbits. Lavender and Lace are made from rayon fabric with vintage linen paw pads and 4" tall. Their ears are lined with pink cotton lawn fabric. Both of these companion pieces have been gently 'aged' and shaded to look well loved.

Vita Comoda
French bulldog Baguette-continues the series in antique style.

Queen Margot
NatalKa Creations
This work is inspired by french movie La Reine Margot. Bear Queen Margot is sewn from plush. The legs and head are movable (6 pin joints). Bear has brown glass eyes. All clothes, shoes and accessories are handmade and can be removed if desired. Drawing on the dress hand stamping. Dress made from rayon fabric. Bear is stuffed with viscose-cotton filler and plastic granules. OOAK. 100% handmade.

Moshkina Elena
Beatrice. Bear made from viscose Italy-France. Clothing made of cotton and French lace, silk flowers, leather shoes. Everything is tinted and aged. Height bears 17 cm. The price is specified for one bear !!!

Bear "Oliver"
Aleksandra Nelina
Bear "Oliver" is 19 centimeters height.

Goblin Bear
M. E. Bears Miniature Bears & Critters
This Goblin Bear is a fun sized OOAK 6”/15cm miniature. He would love to come and live with you to create mischief your house! He was lovingly hand stitched from beautiful soft quality White French Tissavel synthetic fur and Red Vintage Rayon. He is 5-way disc/cotter pin jointed, and is filled with glass beads and quality poly filling.

Irina Kirichenko
present to your attention the bear cub, sewn on the pattern of Victoria Makarova. Alex's bear, 20.5 cm tall, 15 cm thick, is sewn of fluffy French viscose with pearl color. It is filled with juniper sawdust and weighted with metallic granules. Alex is very fragrant smells of juniper twigs and Christmas cake. It can stand by itself, but not very confidently. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Larisa Vasylieva
Rabbit Dauphin, 30 cm height, about 23 while sitting . Italian viscose white and gray, antique velvet in the color of ripe sweet cherry , tapestry, silk, French lace, vintage jabot, beads, metal accessories, * Glass eyes (hand painted) 5 double cotter pins, Filler: wood chips, fiberfill, glass and mineral granules. In the back of the Rabbit is a musical mechanism. Tinted with oil. My author's pattern, completely handmade!!! Repeat is not possible !!!

Ernest and Celestine
Lord Bears
The work was done by inspiration from reading wonderful children's book by French writer Gabrielle Vincent, "Ernest and Celestine". It tells of friendship and adventures of Ernest the bear and his "adopted daughter" baby-mouse Celestine.Bear made of Italian faux fur, tightly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Clothing is removed.

Muppie's Bears
Noah is an adorable Muppie's Bear made of real, authentic Helmbold mohair.

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