Teddy bear in hare hat
Now i am happy to present you a set of my miniature teddy bears in different animals hats. This miniature teddy bear is made by me, from the finest materials. I sew it from the american fur for miniature. Minitoy is fully jointed, hand sewn. Standing approx 4", 10 cm tall.

Teddy Bear Natella
Olena Koretska
Teddy Bear will be a wonderful gift for You and Your family! Who can remain indifferent to these lovely creatures, created with love and care!))) Teddy Bear Natella made of viscose, filled with sawdust and mineral granules. 5 cotter pins. Glass eyes.

Mr. Dandelion - OOAK Collectible Miniature Teddy Bear - Blythe friends!
Farberova Olga
Mr. Dandelion - OOAK Collectible Miniature Teddy Bear - Soft plush jointed toy - Artist mohair teddy bear - Blythe friends ! Teddy Bear is the best gift for your friends and loved ones! Size: stay - 8 cm (3.1"). Bear wears vest and hat- Dandelion . His nose is needle felted.

Galina Khalikova
Nick is a polar teddy bear from my winter collection. The bear has a very warm sight. He will bring cosiness and warmth to your house. Nick is intelligent and very kind. He is sewn from German viscose, filled with love and softwood. He is wearing a hat with a pompon and a scarf tied by hand.

Teddy cat Bafik
Teddy Halloween cat Bafik height 10.24 ih Toy cat is made in a single copy (OOAK), this is the author bear. Teddy cat and pumpkin will be a wonderful gift for Halloween Teddy cat and Halloween pumpkin will come to the new house together, where they hope to get sweets. Height of a toy - 10.

Sweet Caramel
Teddy Art
Teddy bear in pink knitted suit. This is a very, very sweet teddy which always travels with you)). This one sewn from a viscose, completely handmade. Head and paws made with joints, glass eyes, embroidered nose. He has heels of cotton with a floral print.

Mint Macaroon
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
This tiny little elf is the real talisman for bring you luck and love!!! Just ring the bell on his hat!!! Height 10 cm so can travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide :) and also can be the best friend for your bjd doll!!! Made of sparse long pile for mini bears, suede.

Margie's Bears and Creations

Classic teddy bear Tim
Seeking for a house, but at first he'll go to Munster fair TeddyBearTotal in April (28-29th). I'll be able to send the bear to the buyer only after March, 1st. Or during the fair if you visit it.

Sveta's Teddies
Bear Francesco is sewn from Italian and French viscose painted by hands. OOAK, my own design and pattern. He's filled with nut-pine softwood and metal granulate for pleasurable weight. He’s toned with artistic oil and highlighters for fabric work.

Bear, Charlie Chaplin
Plush gang by Svetlana Semenova
Charlie bear, the second bear from the series "Portraits", created by photo Charlie Chaplin. Clothes are removable and the suit is sewn from a textured Japanese cotton, aged and stained, the bowler hat on the head of a pin (hand made), genuine leather shoes of aged and toned.

Misses Nash
Teddy Bears by Nataliia Sychova
Bear Mrs. Nash The bear is made of high-quality German mohair The technique of the classic bear Teddy. 5 connections, glass eyes, an embroidered nose. Inside wood shavings. Dressed in a hat and collar of vintage lace, decorated with an old brooch. The Bear is the OOAK.