USD 89.55
Teddy Bear Rose Size 11 cm Handmade embroidery Materials: viscose Schulte, granulate metal, sawdust for teddies.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
USD 80.00
Rose made of viscose and cotton. Eyes is from glass. This teddy pig is stuffed with sawdust, and weighted with glass granules. 5 cotters.

Elena Volchkova
USD 140.00
Lisetta is a lovely rose bear. She presents my new collection of roses teddy bears and friends with embroidery. She is only 2,4" (6 cm) tall. Bear's left paw end head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons, beads and crystals. Teddy bear has unique mini medallion in the form of wild rose. made from viscose.

Elena Volchkova
USD 140.00
Georgette loves roses too, like her sisters. And yet, she knows a lot of recipes for jam from roses and tell you a secret, she adds berries to it! So it tastes better! If you plan to make rose petal jam, invite her to your home! She is only 2,4" (6 cm) tall. Bear's left paw end head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons, beads and crystals.

Mouse and rose.
USD 70.00
2,6 inch. This is a real fairy tale about a little mouse and his rose. The mouse has a fastening of hands and feet of strong threads , the head does not rotate. One of a Kind Creation. Vintage style. Viscose, cotton, hollofayber, papier mache. Glass eyes. Accessories: snail of papier mache, shawl, rose, post card. Adoption Certificate. . **Note: This Teddy Bear IS NOT A TOY. USE AS DECORATION ONLY.

Rose Garden Toys
USD 120.00
Sweet Rose is hand sewn from softest viscose, stuffed with aromatic sawdust and is now watching the world with German glass eyes. Five cotters allow her to move her limbs and head, making her a very curious little girl. Her delicate dress is hand sewn from natural linen and is decorated with a hand embroidered rose.

USD 105.00

skye rose bears
USD 109.43
libby by skye rose bears 10½ inches (26.6 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Bear .

skye rose bears
USD 61.64
izzy by skye rose bears 12 inches (30.4 centimeters) .

USD 190.00
Please meet Lucy a sweet smiling girl.

Heidi pig
skye rose bears
USD 82.12
heidi pig by skye rose bears 14 inches (35.5 centimeters) .

skye rose bears
USD 75.30
Tilly pony horse by skye rose bears 8 inches (20.3 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Horse / Pony .

Samuel grey cat
skye rose bears
USD 82.12
samuel grey by skye rose bears 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Cat / Kitten . Samuel grey is a cat character of 16" excluding ears he is made from 3 different lengths of Schulte plush in white handpainted blue and gold glass eyes with added leather lids. stitched nose and mouth and added whiskers and hand shading with artists inks.

Little bea
skye rose bears
USD 95.78
little bea by skye rose bears 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) .

skye rose bears
USD 94.41
jemima by skye rose bears 9 inches (22.8 centimeters .