Fluffy bear boy
Here is my fluffiest Teddy Bear. I left him with more fur so his family could cut it if he’s ok with that. Teddy is also without a name. So this is another commitment for his lovely family. As you could probably see he is a bird lover that’s why he got a medalion with birds and a t-shirt with birds.

Original sewing pattern, crocheted shirt. material: fleece (polyester), cotton yarn filled: hollow fiber joints: 1 cotter pins and discs, wooden buttons eyes: black beads nose and mouth: embroidery clothing: crocheted shirt type: one of a kind, original author's teddy. All my bears are really sewing with love and care, give them a lot of time and effort to be the most interesting, unique.

Milly + Mitch
VintageDeco Bears
Milly and Mitch are OOAK bears, made of bronze and peached coloured viscose. They are filled with kapok and are five-way jointed. Milly and Mitch have stitched noses, mouths and paws. Milly wears a dress and a matching fillet and Mitch wears a pair of trousers with braces, a t-shirt with a number 1 on the back and a baseball cap.

Vintage style teddy bear Raskolnikov - 2
The vintage style teddy bear Collection "Poor people". Vintage style. Collectible teddy bear. Rodion Raskol'nikov, the main character in Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment", boyfriend of Sonya Marmeladova. He was created by me. German hand-dyed viscose and glass eyes. Stuffed with wood sawdust. Cotton shirt, vest and trousers, hand-dyed. Leather boots, hand made. All clothes are removable. He looks like really old toy. Not for children under 5 years.

Bear gentleman
This gentleman, always speaks compliments, gives girls flowers, friendly, modest, and indeed handsome bear. The bear is made of viscose, filled with sawdust, weighted with granules. The eyes are glass. Clothing removable: pants with pockets, where you can hide the legs or a small candy, a two-sided jacket with buttons on the collar, shirt front with a butterfly. All clothes are made of cotton.

Classic teddy bear
Teddy bear is sewn entirely by hand from German mohair. Full of sintetic filler and metal granulate. The legs are mounted on the pins, the face on the rocker pins to be able not only to spin but to bend over. Growth of bear about 13 cm in standing tall and 10 cm sitting. On the specifics of the pattern can only sit. On the neck a silk ribbon.

Teddy Bear Sten
Handmade. One of a kind. Collectible jointed soft toy. German Shulte viscose. Glass eyes. Stuffed with wood wool. Growth: standing 29 cm. Materials:. German Shulte Mohair. Filled with wood wool German. Eyes are glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks, the head: nut, bolt, and disk. The jumper is made by me. The shirt is sewed from the cotton. It has buttons.

Marco the pilot
The bear have cotton shirt, sweater, flight helmet and boots from leather, hand-made leather backpack and cotton paints.

I am glad to introduce you Mina. Mina is a teddy bear, OOAK. She is elegant and chic at the same time. You will recognize a student and an aristocratic lady. Mina’s image is designed in lilac tones. She wears a cotton skirt and shirt with a knitted vest. Her head is decorated with knitted beret with embroidery, made in different techniques.

Bears by Mariya Stratonova
Ukrainian teddy bear Taras Height 10.6" (27cm), weight 450g You can move its arms, feet and head because it is fully jointed.

Heritt (generous)
Hi, nice to introduce my new job. Very hard and long to prepare! All clothes and accessories are made by me by hand. Bear sewn from curly viscose, filled with sawdust, 5 T splint connection, weighted with metal granulate. Tinted with oil paints. Patterns on the pants painstakingly embroidered by hand. Shirt embroidered with beads. All clothes off. Roach is made using decorative feathers, threads, embroidered with small beads.

Country bears
Peter, a vintage doll made by me by hand at a master class by the famous master Olga Ivanelo! The doll is sewn by hand! The doll can only sit, it is single breasted and 30 cm high! the body is soft, filled with sawdust and a mixture of granules, tinted with pastel!

Tea ceremony.Five-o"clock
Lord Bears
Bear made of faux fur.Clothes: silk shirt, beaded, wool vest in a cage on the bright lining, a watch on a chain will always remind you when it's time to drink tea.On the head cap.

Ben Wade
Teddy by Mila Khrystynchenko
OOAK, my author original design & pattern. All photos my author's work. Hello friends! Meet this Bear Ben Wade from my new collection Wild West. Ben is a noble gangster. He has long been looking for a local sheriff. For Ben's head, a reward of $ 10,000 was assigned. But Ben is also elusive like the wind on the prairie. He has a devoted girlfriend.

Hedgehog Hanna :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends :-) I am glad to see you. Today I will show you a hedgehog the girl. Her name Hanna. She kind and timid. Not so prickly. Loves walks on the wood sitting at mother in hands). The hedgehog is sewed from the German mohair and fur for a miniature. Black eyes and a nose from the German glass.

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