Owl Sonja
This owl Sonja was made of German plush. The structure of the owl's head was fixed on 1 forelock. The head of the owl could be turned, wings could be raised and and it could stand alone. There is wire in the wings and in the paws. The beak and paws with claws were sculpted from polymer clay and were painted with acrylic paints.

Fantastic Owl Adria
Fantastic Owl Adria Owl's coat color is black (shade may vary to blue depending on the monitor) Height 10 cm (total height) Made in a mixed technique (face clay) Fur, metal granules, clay, sintepukh Each seam is made by hand. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Glass eyes Creations for children, not for children (small details). Authorship 100% handmade requires careful attention only dry cleaning.

Toy owl
Olga's Furry Art
Teddy owl, very wise and kind. Wings, legs and head are moveable. This is a collectible toy, it is not suitable for children. Dry clean only.

Andriel ITBAA Competition 2nd place
By Sieve 20 inches (51 centimeters) I created this owl without any sewing pattern and cliche. I used vireframe and then formed the shape of the body around it. Fake-fur applicated in small parts imitates the feathers. I used fimo for the face and legs, then I added dye to it. One eye is open, the other is closed.

Great Horned Owl
Neverine's Creatures
He is quite a big guy 41 cm tall (without the ears) so almost the life size for the male. Made of synthetic fur, filled with polyester, wire armature inside. Polymer clay beak, eyes and claws. He can move the head, wings, paws and fingers. Handtrimmed and painted.

The owl “Plyusha”
This Owl is sewn of German plush of a very beautiful color similar to plumage. The pattern was made by me. Paws are felted from wool on a wire frame, and attached to the body with cotter pins. The wings and the head are also on cotter pins, but this owl is scarce paseable. It was born only to stand steadily on it's paws and turn it's head.

Teddy owl Lucy
Yumi Camui
A one of a kind Teddy Owl, touching girl Lucy! Made out of faux fur, stuffed with holofiber and steel shot. The beak and claws are hand-sculpted from clay.

OWL Sofa
Toys by Talya Roshchina
The owl is made of faux fur, filled with synthetic down and glass granules. Head, wings and feet moving. Stands and sits alone. Eyes are glass, hand painted. Beak made of plastic.

Barn owl Soren
Stitched from German plush, filled with synthetic fiber and steel granules.

Griffin Kizi
Hello, I pleased to present you my new creation! Owl Griffin Kizi from my new exclusive collection "Santa`s Little Forest". Owl Griffons are a type of griffon. They are easily distinguishable from other griffons by their spotted plumage, flat face and big fluff ears. They very playful and curious. The Griffin is made of very realistic Italian faux fur of 2 kind.

Animal Owl
Collectible Toys Uliana
Fantasy animal – is unusual and interesting companion for people This is a soft toy, toys handmade.The toy can be a good gift for any holiday for those who love fantastic beasts and fantasy animals. Toy can sit, stand, lie down you can give it any position. ==================.

Cicciorsi by Antonella Bears
Owl made with Teddy bear technique. High cm15 Various fur coats: mohair and synthetic. Glass eyes. Entirely hand-sewn. The head is mobile. Exclusive model, made by me

Owl Sophi
The inhabitant of the forest, mysterious and mysterious Оwl. All parts of the body are mobile. Inside sawdust and quartz, eyes made of glass

Victoria Ivanova
Owl sewn from plush Glass eyes Head and legs are mobile Fulled with wool and glass granulat

The Forest Owl
Fedotova Marina
The forest owl looking for a new home. He is completely handmade (without using a sewing machineby).