Teddy doll Jasmine.
Anna Kolo
Stitched from vintage aged plush. 6 cotter pins, double split head. Filled with sawdust. The head is made of self-hardening clay. It looks like ceramics. Hair tresa goats. Very soft). The overalls are removed. Stitched from a very soft rare plush. Buttoned on the buttons. The cap is not removed. The girl sits and stands alone. The girl is sleeping), her eyes are closed).

Baby in a fox dress
Alena Haurylava
Spring collection of kids teddy dollars "Spring garden" consists of 9 children in costumes beast. All in a single copy. Everyone has his own inner world of children. Kids are sewn from viscose, stuffed with sawdust, in a panic silicone granulate, which gives the effect of a soft pussy. Lichiko flumeau, painted. The pens and the head are movable, the tails are bent.

futuristic brown bear teddydoll
this futuristic teddidoll is my author's reading of the future. It was created under the influence of such a great film as " blade runner", as well as science fiction in the style of cyberpunk. This is a Teddydoll image of a being from the future, a human-android-animal. In this case it is a brown bear. The materials used are high-quality plastic, vintage plush, author's technologies, plastic clothing.

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