black scotch terrier pilot
The toy is made of artificial fur face is decorated with wool everything is movable: paws, head clothes can be removed has weight accessories are made by me everything is sewn by hand bagpipes are enclosed $ 200 includes delivery

Toy terrier Clyde
The Red Tail
Toy terrier Clyde:.

Jack Russell Terrier Milo
More than toys
The cutiest Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Milo is an unique collectible toy from my new collection "Chubby babies" He is about 24 cm tall and about 33 cm from his nose to the tail. The toy is made of a high quality faux fur and natural wool with using needle felting technique.

Realistic plush toy. Yorkshire Terrier.
Teddy Toys From Galina
Realistic plush toy Yorkshire terrier. A toy made of soft, fluffy faux fur. Filled with hypoallergenic sintepukh. A toy can take different poses to lie down, sit, turn its head. Which makes it even more like a living one. He has hand-made glass eyes, his nose is made of plastic. Tinted with oil paints. Height 24 cm (9.44 inches), length 21 cm (8.26 inches). Baby made in a non-smoking house.

Yorkie Bruno
Toys with soul
Need a loyal and loyal friend?

Good and positive, a little bit sad dog Sparky little bull terrier is a character of Tim Burton’s “Frankenwinny” cartoon.

Yorkshire Terrier Kerry.
The growth of Kerry's 5.1 inches (13 cm) standing, height sitting 4.1 inches (10.5 cm). Yorkshire Terrier Kerry is made of mohair. Mounts movable. Fastening of paws-disks and pins. The head mount is different. From the head along the body is a plastic skeleton. The skeleton allows Kerry to tilt the head forward and backward, side to side, left and right. Kerry can stand on 4 legs, 2 legs with tail support, and sit.

Bull Terrier Dik
Let me introduce you Bull Terrier Dik . It has 8,26 "(21 см) in height,made from viscose schulte with hand sculpted polymer clay nose. Toned by oil paints. It has glass eyes, stuffed with sintepon and metal granulate. All parts of the body are connected with cotter pins. Bull Terrier Dik is wearing a in a red-white striped cotton jersey T-shirt. He doesn't stand on his own, just sits.

Puppy Yorkshire Terrier York toy Toy little York Terrier AnnaRealisticToys
York puppy stitched entirely by hand in the style of Teddy copyright pattern. The material used is Moher Schulte. In the body of a skeleton, legs are reinforced. The spout is hand-made from baked clay. This puppy is a great gift for your child. A puppy has its own house, bed, pillow, and even a bone treat.

Yorkshire terrier Princess
Peggy & Molly Teddies
***Yorkshire terrier Princess*** By Peggy & Molly Teddies. Meet Princess,a beautiful Yorkshire terrier. She is made with faux fur,polymer clay nose,hand painted glass eyes,shaded with artist oils and filled with polyester. She is poseable,can move her head,legs and arms. Princess measures 7.5" when she is standing.

Scottish Terrier
my original design & pattern.

10.6 inches (27 centimeters). Yorkie Terrier Mini.

The price is for one puppy. when you buy two, there will be a discount. Puppy Yorkshire Terrier Stuffed dog realistic Stuffed dog pet portrait. Puppy Yorkshire Terrier , Standing Height 20 cm .

Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire terrier made from german long hair mohair and alpaca fur. 5 joints, filled with sawdust (in the head), 100% natural sheep wool.

Toy terrier Marley
I present to you a charming toy terrier Marley. Size sitting about 10 cm , full-length 13 cm Materials: faux fur,viscose, stuffing: fiberfill,sawdust, metal granulate milliput(nose), 6 cotter pins eyes plastic , eyelashes, muzzle felt clothes cotton and mini plush, The puppy only sits (can't stand). Marley comes with a certificate. The house where the toys are made is free of tobacco smoke.