Little bear was sitting under the leads. He was old, shabby and undusted. Nobody peeped in here only birds built nests. There were cheeps and fuss in the evenings, and birds fly away in the mornings. The bear was looking at the window. He was waiting. Once the girl came in here. She peeked in wardrobe and boxes.

Be True
Sweet Souls
"Be True" a tiny hand stitched Sweet Souls bear with her own hand-finished picture box. This darling little bear is 3 1/2 inches tall from ear tips to toes and is completely handstitched. "True" is a hand dyed faded old pink with a hint of rosy lilac. She has German glass eyes, waxed stitched nose and mouth and little stitched claws.

Joyful Teddies
HONEY likes to walk the old streets and go to antiques shops.

Mouse Albert
Mouse Albert Height 8 cm (total height) Each seam is made by hand. His head, legs and arms are mobile.

Sweet Summer Rabbit Boy now looking for new caring parents. He's so shy and cute I know you'll love him. One of my most deary "kids". This lovely teddy was created by me and it have 11 cm tall. This babe was made from high quality materials and stuffing. It will make a perfect gift for your children, family members, colleagues or friends.

Lady Grey
Big nice bear-girl in Victorian style, with proud profile of true Lady. She has beautiful bearing and a hump just like old teddy-bears. She can stand not bad, but prefers to sit or to stand with support. The filling allows to move feet while sitting. Plush of noble saturate grey color.

Teddy bear Olaf
Bear Olaf is a perfect gift for those who love old things with a story. Height 21 cm/ 8.27 inches Teddy Bear brought the author to the state of the old. He sewed the author's pattern with the elements of the classics. The toy teddy is made of plush, the head and paws are stuffed with sawdust. The torso of the bear is filled with wood wool, granulate and sawdust.

Bear primitive
MADE TO ORDER! Possible duplicate, an exact copy is impossible! Term of production depends on the availability of material. Contact me convenient way for you to discuss the details of the order (production time, changes, etc.). Attention! A toy in primitive technique. Hands and feet do not spin. The head is bending over. Good and homely bear. Loves traveling and meeting friends. Bear sewn in the primitive technique.

Bear Nostalgic
Lena Minchenkova
Bear for those who loves something old and vintage. Bear of plush with rare and interesting colour: lilac combined with emerald. The antique button on the jabot complements vintage style. Vintage scrapes are on the plush Size is about 23 cm. Tummy is gently stuffed. Stuffing: sawdust and sintepuh Joint: 5-joint Nose: mouline Toning:textile paint.

Teddy by Mila Khrystynchenko
OOAK, my original design & pattern. All photos my author's work. Pluto is very inquisitive bear, philosopher, likes to read. With him is always a notebook to write smart thoughts. This classic Bear is made from German thinned mohair. He has a book and a bow in the cage with an old bellIt Bear filled with sawdust, wood wool, steel granulate. He has five cotter pins, English glass eyes.

Toddler Basil Harley
Emma's Bears
This stunning big bear is one of our older-style 'Toddler' bears (bears that can be dressed in standard baby clothing so you can shop for their outfits yourself. The Toddler range don't have the heavy heads of the baby-version of this design, so they can be displayed sitting upright).

Kate Migulina
Bear made of soft mohair. I have stuffed his head and limbs firmly with sawdust and his tummy has poly fiber fill to make him feel cuddly. I slightly weighted his tummy with pellets. It has real glass eyes, a neatly embroidered nose covered with natural wax. It can move its arms, feet and head because it is fully jointed.

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