Stuffed Butterfly Timothy, 6.2 inches (16 centimeters)
adopted USD 110.00
Hi, I'm Timothy, the butterfly "red-striped leafwing" named (Siderone galanthis). I'm looking for a new home and happy family!. It is found from Mexico to southern Brazil. The habitat consists deciduous and evergreen forests at altitudes up to 900 meters..(Wikipedia) You can see the prototype of Timothy, a real butterfly. in the last photo. Painted lady Timothy continued my collection of "Mini-World".

Timothy & Junia
adopted USD 200.75
Who ever said bears could survive on their own? If one bear falls down, another can pick him up. Both Timothy and Junia are made from mini mohair. Their ears and paw pads are from wool felt. Their eyes are hand-blown glass eyes. Timothy is approximately 13 cm / 5,12 inch tall. Junia is approximately 9 cm / 3,55 inch tall. They are fully jointed and have a nice weight.

Timothy Merrimuffin
Cobblestone Creations
adopted USD 124.00
Timothy stand 3½ inches tall and is made of brown/gray mini bear fabric with a black leather tail. He looks out on the world through premium German black glass eyes. His nose is an onyx beads surrounded by horsehair whiskers. He is 5 way cotter pin jointed at neck, shoulders and ankles. Timothy is wearing his baker’s outfit of off white jacket and trousers and a chef hat.

adopted USD 102.60
Timothy is a bear made from very curly luxury faux fur , he is a big boy of 21 inch, stuffed with polyfill and stealshot in his belly , 5 way cotterpin jointed, crochet collar with heart shaped charms and his own pearle painted crown , his amber/silver glass eyes are handpainted , his little bunny wil travel with him for compagny.

adopted USD 110.00
When this bears were executed, the inspiration was the photo of a real brown bear, so it's so fat and a bit clumsy! Made of German plush, brownish-red, sewed on my pattern without using a sewing machine, according to the rules of the classic teddy, using only high-quality materials.

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