USD 100.00
The Teddy Puppy Laira was made of German mohair. The paws were fixed on 4 forelocks and inside the paws and in the body a plastic skeleton was used that allows the paws and the body to bend and to adapt to any provision. The head of the puppy was fixed directly on the skeleton. The eyes were made of German glass and plastic material.

Maltese puppy teddy
USD 85.00
A small and funny puppy Maltese want find home. Has a surprised expression. He can to sit and lie. The size of the palm. He does not have a name.

Yorkie Plush handmade lux mohair Stuffed dog teddy dog AnnaRealisticToys
USD 50.00
Cute little puppy of Yorkshire Terrier from high-quality faux fur. The head, paws and body are connected to the skeleton of the Lockline. 4-way disc with articulation. He has glass eyes. Tinted oil paint. The nose is made by hand from polymer clay. Puppy height 15 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail. Fully articulated and filled with polyester fiber when it sits in your hand.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Toys Dog.Toys handmade Stuffed Animals and plush OOAK
USD 60.00
York puppy stitched entirely by hand in the style of Teddy copyright pattern. The material used is Moher Schulte. In the body of a skeleton, legs are reinforced. The spout is hand-made from baked clay. Delivery to all countries of the world. This puppy is a great gift for your child. A puppy has its own house, bed, pillow, and even a bone treat.

USD 79.00
Height is 9 cm OOAK The upper paws are bend. Materials: smokey long pile, hand made collar with medallion hand made winter cap, fiber filler glass granulate, 5-way disk-jointed German glass eyes, tinting by pastel hand made nose from FIMO., All my toys are made only from quality materials by my own patterns. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!

USD 100.00
The Puppy Сhihuahua Neo was made of German plush. The structure of the dog was fixed on metal skeleton and the pads were reinforced and they can be bent as desired. Eyes are made of German glass material and inside part of the puppy was filled with glass granulate and sintepukh. It was stained by art markers and oil paint.

Oksana Gorevaja
USD 90.00
I would like to introduce you to my new original dog Spaniel. She is crocheted from mixed yarn, shaded. Dog is 16 cm standing. She has black glass eyes.

Miniature puppy shar pei Shanli
USD 99.00
I am glad to present you my new work a puppy of the Shar Pei breed named Shanli. The puppy is about 5.7 inches long and about 3.7 inches at the withers. Shanli is made of cloth for miniature. Filler synthetic fibers and metal granules. Mounting articulated. Paws like traditional teddy bears on discs and cotter pins. The attachment of the head differs from the traditional one.

Puppy Shi-Tzu
Meteleva Anna
USD 165.00
I am glad to present you the New Puppy of Shi-Tzu. The puppy is very mobile. He can sit, stand, lie and give a paw! The puppy can decorate your interior, sit comfortably on the panel of your car or in a woman's bag. He also likes to sit on pens.

Puppy Chi
Sveta's Teddies
USD 190.00
7.6 inch Little Puppy Chihuahua Puppy made from vintage plush. The tail and body are connected skeleton Lockline. The head are 1-way disk-jointed He has glass eyes and handmade epoxy resin nose. Tonned by oil paint and pastel. The growth of a puppy 20 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail.

Baby chihuahua
Oksana Gorevaja
USD 200.00
Meet the baby Chihuahua.

Artist Teddy Dog White
USD 77.00
The dog is white, her name is Lani, the height is 12 centimeters, 110 grams. Made from German viscose, fill a toy with sawdust. The puppy girl will be the true friend for you. Her dress is made of cotton, silk ribbon will decorate her neck.

Pug Tiny
USD 70.00
Hello dear visitors of my page! I present to you a new cute pug Tiny. Materials: velboa, glass eyes stuffing: fiberfill and metal granulate, milliput(nose) wire frame, Size 6,5 cm sitting, full-length 9 cm. Puppy has a soft bed. Tiny comes with a certificate. I hope that you give a loving home and a hug for this nice baby! It is not a toy for children!

French Bulldog
Meteleva Anna
USD 165.00
I can make a Dog on the photo of your pet. Cost + 20%. I am glad to present you the puppy of French Bulldog. The puppy is very mobile. It can sit, stand, lie and give a paw! A puppy can decorate your interior, sit comfortably on the panel of your car or in a woman's bag. He also likes to sit on pens.

Puppi Grey
USD 50.00
Puppy figurine as a stuffed toy by artist Iryna Perahud. Grey Puppy created from plush stuffed of suwdust . Puppy will come to you on a wooden cart.