Rabbit King
USD 77.00
Rabbit s made of artificial fur . Filled with sawdust, mineral granulate. Mounting 5 studs. Glass eye. Rabbit sits well, stands with support.

Sweet Bublik
Teddy by Elena Lemmer
USD 105.00
I want to introduce to you a charming rabbit! His name is Bublik! The baby is made entirely by hand from a vintage plush of white milky shade. The body is densely filled with wood sawdust and metal granules for extra weight. Head and paws are mobile and attached on 5 cotter pins. Eyes made of glass. There is a small tail on the ass!

Rabbit Eve
USD 128.00
Rabbit Eve this girl is made by my hands (each stitch is done by hand) Material viscose The height of growth is 12 cm. Each seam is done manually. His head, legs and arms are movable (cotter pin).

Fantastic rabbit Yumani
USD 87.00
Fantastic rabbit Yumani The height of growth is 8 cm. Head and paws made of clay The body is made of German plush Each seam is done manually. His head, legs and arms are mobile (threaded fastening). Filled holofayber and metal granulate Black eyes This little rabbit walls an ideal accessory for your home or a wonderful gift for your beloved friend.

Hedgehog Tim with a rabbit
Alla Generalova
USD 146.05
I would like to introduce you a Hedgehog Tim with a white rabbit. Height 14cm. Material Moher Steiff-Schulte, viscose. Filled with fibrous filler and metal granules. Fully articulated 6 cotter pins (head-2 cotter pins), reinforcement in legs, arms. Eyes and nose are black glass. Tinted oil paints. Rabbit faux fur Steiff-Schulte, black glass eyes; tinted with pastel. The cart is made of cardboard and wood.

USD 25.00
Little Rabbit/Bunny brooch/ Made of Italian soft viscose, elements filts, colored with pastel, static position, comes with small bronze pendant on the chest. Mounted on a horizontal pin base on the back of the rabbit. Made in the workshop without the smell of tobacco smoke and animals. The shipping price comes with a tracking number.

Rabbit Nani
USD 82.00
Rabbit Nani Made from delicate Italian viscose.

Peter Rabbit
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 75.00
Peter Rabbit is made of viscose, there are pine sawdust and sintepukh, glass eyes, Rabbit has a jacket slightly aged.

Rabbit antistress
bears by Alexandra Yaskevich_masterdobra
USD 90.00
Rabbit 18cm tall with ears. Very cozy, tactile anti-stress toy. She can always be with you in your pocket or purse. The body is pleasantly and soothingly rustling balls. Sewn by hand from German viscose. The head on the cotter pin. Body one-piece. Stuffing mixed: synthetic winterizer + glass and rubber granules. Glass eyes. On the neck is a ribbon bow.

USD 170.00
She is made of hand dyed vintage plush. She is 20 cm high (without ears). The rabbit is thickly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulated material. He has glass eyes. The rabbit is toned with oil paints. She also has 5 split pins. All the clothes are removable. . Stand (goes with the rabbit): Bespoke woodwork and design by my husband and me. Material: pine.

Lucky Bear
USD 90.00

Birch mushroom
USD 100.00
This rabbit is made of viscose.

USD 75.00
Imagine a little mohair teddy rabbit, and this cute collectible toy will delight you or your child. Teddy rabbit Annie made in a single copy. Teddy hare will decorate the interior of the children's room, or it can be given for the birth of a girl. The toy is made of mohair, glass eyes, sawdust and granulate, 5 cotter paws and a head.

rustic bears
USD 92.00
Plush rabbit Bambino, sewn by hand according to my author's drawing, sewn from Soviet vintage plush, rabbit is gently stuffed with very manual, 18 cm without ears with ears 22, has a beautiful velvet natural bow that can be worn on , tinted minimally, weighted with a mixture of granulate!

Lavender the bunny. Rabbit teddy
Irina Plaksina
USD 75.00
Lavender the bunny.