Rainbow-Billed Toucan toy. Stuffed Parrot
Let me introduce you to Carnival! Carnival is a rainbow-billed toucan, the bird is VERY striking and unusual! Carnival loves to travel, meet new people ,and he hopes to find a new home, where he will love! He was created in maximum accordance with the real prototype. Despite the luxurious beak, Carnival can to stand sustainably.

Red Crested Cardinal, realistic bird toys, 4.7 inches (12 centimeters)
4.7 inches (12 centimeters). Let me introduce you to Rico! Rico is the red-crested cardinal,a cute songbird living in the North of Argentina, Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Rico is very good-natured, cheerful and inquisitive, he very wants to find new friends and home, where he will be loved! He was created in maximum accordance with the real prototype. Completely hand sewn.

Princess Harmony
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
Puppy is made of high-quality artificial fur.

Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
11.8 inches (30 centimeters).

Blue titmouse bird
In CityPlush there's a new little bird Bousinka! Bousinka is a small blue tit,cheerful, cute and inquisitive. Her name means "little bead" and really suits her! Bousinka hopes to find friends, and the house where she'll be loved! Boosinka was created in maximum accordance with the real prototype. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasian_blue_tit).

Candy Bulldog Puppy
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
The dog is made of German viscose of high quality.

Order for Raymond! Deer Rudolph from cartoon. Sewn totally by hand from vintade plush.

Stuffed Butterfly Timothy, 6.2 inches (16 centimeters)
Hi, I'm Timothy, the butterfly "red-striped leafwing" named (Siderone galanthis). I'm looking for a new home and happy family!. It is found from Mexico to southern Brazil. The habitat consists deciduous and evergreen forests at altitudes up to 900 meters..(Wikipedia) You can see the prototype of Timothy, a real butterfly. in the last photo. Painted lady Timothy continued my collection of "Mini-World".

Little Lola Sunshine
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
Little Lola Sunshine Beautiful Yorkshire, natural live size. (13.5 inches). Beautifully realistic, luxuriously soft imported fur fabric. A high-quality skeleton allows the dog to fully articulate in any natural position, including tilting the head in any direction, sitting, standing, laying or even winding the front legs around for a comfortable hugging big puppy! Ears and tail are strengthened and can flex. The eyes are made of handmade glass.

Oliver and his rocking-horse
Oliver and his rocking-horse . It is an image of childhood that evokes memories and warm feelings in the soul. A cute teddy bear and his rocking-horse. The inspiration was the old children's photographs. Bear is sewn in a classic style. His clothes look a bit old. Has a soft fur from Japanese silk. Filled with synthetic fiber and glass granulate.

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