Larisa Vasylieva
USD 650.00
Rabbit Dauphin, 30 cm height, about 23 while sitting . Italian viscose white and gray, antique velvet in the color of ripe sweet cherry , tapestry, silk, French lace, vintage jabot, beads, metal accessories, * Glass eyes (hand painted) 5 double cotter pins, Filler: wood chips, fiberfill, glass and mineral granules. In the back of the Rabbit is a musical mechanism. Tinted with oil. My author's pattern, completely handmade!!! Repeat is not possible !!!

USD 80.00
This is my new Teddy bear Bernard. Bernard is 19 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 15 cm. He made from real vintage velvet deep saturated color, stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, metal and mineral granulates. Stuffing is not very hard, minerals in the stomach pleasantly rustle. Fully pin jointed. Black glass German eyes.

Cat teddy
Bears & friends
USD 100.00
Charming, kind velvet cat Teddy!

Teddy Bear Prince
USD 55.00
Cute Teddy Bear Prince. Black Velvet Glass eyes.

Felecity Floss
Sharon Veness Teddy Bears
USD 154.02
Felicity is a handmade mohair teddy bear she is a gorgeous soft fairy floss pink, with her little white contrasting nose. She has a hand stitched nose in variegated pastel colours. She also has glass beaded eyes. Felicity has crushed velvet feet and hand pads, which have been hand dyed so they are truly unique to her alone.

USD 77.00
Alvin sewn from velvet. The packing is sintepuh (hypoallergenic) and metal granulate. This small bear has a wooden stand made of pine.

V A N N I Cat
USD 182.52
Author collectible teddy cat. Artist Teddy Cat OOAK. VANNI sewn by hand from beautiful alpaca fabric black color. His eyes are Germany glass. He is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Teddy cat tinted artistic oil. Cat wearing a velvet gray ribbon with silver heart. Size 20 cm. 8 inch Height sitting 15 cm. 6 inch Teddy Cat sits confidently.

Rabbit Teddy
Bears & friends
USD 100.00
Teddy Rabbit is made of italian silk velvet. Stuffed sawdust, metall and glass granules for weight. Glass eyes. 35 cm tall (13 inch). A head, arms, legs rotating 360 degrees.

Mouse King
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 84.00
I called the mouse the Mouse King, conceived it to sew long ago and now with pleasure realized my idea and dream! The Mouse King is hand-sewn from hand-painted velboa, stuffed with sawdust, synthetic sand and river sand. In the paws, a metal frame.

Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 85.00
Teddy bear Marika was sewn by me from German plush, powdery pink color, very very gentle and soft.

Peter Rabbit
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 75.00
Peter Rabbit is made of viscose, there are pine sawdust and sintepukh, glass eyes, Rabbit has a jacket slightly aged.

Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 84.00
Dandy's mouse is sewn by me from viscose Germany, stuffed with sawdust and sintepuh, glass eyes, dressed in a tail coat, white leggings with black stripes, he has a beautiful toad and collar, decorated with a bronze metal jewelry, height 18cm.A hat from genuine leather.

Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 84.00
Mouse Elise is sewn by hand from viscose Schulte, filled with sawdust and padding, the arms and legs are movable. She has a beautiful bonnet.

Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 84.00
I sewed Nelson's rabbit from viscose to Schulte Germany, it is filled with sawdust and synthetic fluff, the legs move on cotter pins, glass eyes, dressed in a tail coat, vest and white leggings.

Miss Elegant
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
USD 84.00
The Miss Elegant mouse is sewn of hand-painted velboa, stuffed with sawdust and synthetic fur, in the ears and upper legs of the carcass. She has a seamnaya clothes bilateral beautiful dress with lace and sophisticated sleeves and a hat with a lining and lace, decorated with clothes silk roses, sewn by hand.