Teddy bear
Teddy Teddy bear toy Teddy bear fur bear toy Teddy bear toy Teddy bear Teddy bear fantasy fantasy bear toy fur toy fur toy gift Hello! I want to introduce you to a gentle sweet and very soft!

This is Murchik, a very playful Briton kitten. It is still small 20 cm from nose to tail (without tail length) from high-quality faux fur, pleasant to the touch. He has a skeleton inside Loc-Line and a wire, so he is very flexible he can take any position and move any part of the body. Filling polyester fiber.

Galina Khalikova
This is Jessica, a very beautiful girl. The teddy bear is of 20 cm. She is very charming, and so cute, with these childish and playful slightly pink cheeks. Her loyal and loving sight expresses all the "WOW" that she feels about this world. She is shining and she's ready to share her happiness with You!

teddy bear Stepan
Kikka studio
Teddy bear Stepan was created inspired by real bear Stepan who lives in Russia in human family. There was a competition in instagram #teddy_stepan and my teddy wan 2nd place in nomination-classic bear. So I am very happy and proud for him. Stepan made of mohair Schulte with very interesting color its mix of red beige and brown.

Hedgehogs family. Realistic toys
This Hedgehogs family from my new collection "Woodland animals". These realistic hedgehogs toys are fully mobile, including its paws and fingers. This is 100% handmade. Size: hedgehog mom: 10 inches long (25 cm) (from nose to tail), 4,5 inches (11 cm) tall hedgehog baby : 6 inches long ( 15 cm)(from nose to tail), 3 inches (70.5 cm) tall. The toy is made of faux fur, Very mobile, I use a skeleton and wire.

Very kind lemur Julian, height standing 38cm. The Lemur is made of faux fur, which I tinted, Very mobile, for the skeleton I use a doll skeleton. It provides excellent mobility of all parts of the toy (head, legs, ears, tail).

Fantastic beast Yutaka.
Anna Kolo
Sewn completely by hand. Height about 32 cm (12.5 inches). Stitched from Italian plush. The fur is straight, smooth, silky, thick. Very pleasant to the touch. Paws and ears decorated minishtof. The head of the beast is filled with sawdust, feet and torso with wool fibers and holofiber. The bottom of the body is filled with mineral granules, the beast is quite heavy. Weight 830 grams.

Red panda Manami
I am glad to present you a new red panda Manami. Manami's height is 16 inches (41 cm) standing, growing sitting about 13 inches (33 cm) depending on the posture. Small panda Manami is not worth it. Sits confidently. Manami is a very mobile child. She can take different poses. Mounting paws articulated 4 cotter pins. The attachment of the head is different. From the head along the body passes a plastic skeleton.

Spring white with orange flowers. Very cute boy! He is so soft and sweet Pay attention I have very similar rabbit girl . Made in mixed technique: Teddy fur and dry felting wool. The ornament is made by felting 100% wool + decorated with rhinestones. Glass eyes. Sponge, teeth and paw pillows are polymer clay. . Height standing 37 cm, sitting 32 cm. . No need to wait for production, ready to be shipped. .

Dusty the dust bunny
If you do not clean the house for a long time, then they arises in the dusty corners. "They"- is a Dusty bunnies . Harmless but slightly annoying creatures. They are timid, do not like then people see them, and perfectly disguised. And they love to hide fine details and different little things, and help by socks-eaters to steal second socks.

Fennec Pancake
Victoria Ivanova
Little sweet Fennec sewn from very-very soft fur Glass eyes Head and legs are mobile Filled with wool and metal granulat Legs and tail are reinforced with wire

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Bear Lawrence!

Benjamin Bunny
Let me introduce you to Benjamin Bunny friend of a rabbit Peter When he stands still, its size will be approximately~10.63"(27cm) tall. He is full hand sewed using very fluffy soft faux fur ( two views) ,stuffed with fiberfill and weighted with special glass beads for teddy and sea stone. German glass eyes. The plastic skeleton allows you to move his head and trunk.

Honya teddy bunny
Elena Volchkova
The cutest girl bunny Honya. She is a real fashionista! Honya loves spring very much! She is only 2,3" (6 cm) without ears and 8 cm with ears. All mounts are movable 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Materials: very soft viscose, glass eyes. Stuffed with wool, a bit of metal pellets in a bump. Tinted by pastel. The nose and a mouth are embroidered.

♥ Bunny Cloudy ♥
Where is my bear?
♥ Dear friends ♥ I want to introduce you the bunny. Her name is Cloudy. This bunny is 27 cm. Why Cloudy? Because her dress and hat is very soft and very aethereal. ♥ Cloudy is made from Viscose 100%, filled sawdust and metallic granules. Bunny is fully jointed and can move her arms, feet and head. It is comfortable in a sitting position.

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