Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Toys Dog.Toys handmade Stuffed Animals and plush OOAK
USD 60.00
York puppy stitched entirely by hand in the style of Teddy copyright pattern. The material used is Moher Schulte. In the body of a skeleton, legs are reinforced. The spout is hand-made from baked clay. Delivery to all countries of the world. This puppy is a great gift for your child. A puppy has its own house, bed, pillow, and even a bone treat.

Yorkie Plush handmade lux mohair Stuffed dog teddy dog AnnaRealisticToys
USD 50.00
Cute little puppy of Yorkshire Terrier from high-quality faux fur. The head, paws and body are connected to the skeleton of the Lockline. 4-way disc with articulation. He has glass eyes. Tinted oil paint. The nose is made by hand from polymer clay. Puppy height 15 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail. Fully articulated and filled with polyester fiber when it sits in your hand.

Plush elephant 'Cookie'
Teddy bears & their friends
USD 85.00
Plush elephant 'Cookie' is ready to give you his incredible charm. Teddy elephand is made in the classic technique of teddy sewn by hand, all parts of the body are completely movable. hand colour vintage plush, dusty green-brown colour, filling: sawdust & metal granules glass eyes, 5 way jointed full growth 20cm, sitting 17cm, japanese textured cotton jumpsuit; silk bow . Not recommended for children under 3 years old !! Careful care!

Plush elephant "Marshmallow"
Teddy bears & their friends
USD 85.00
Plush elephant "Marshmallow" is made in the classic technique of teddy sewn by hand, all parts of the body are completely movable.

The ring-tailed lemur and his baby: realistic plush toy
Realistic Toys Store
USD 380.00
Do you like rare animals? Then this plush toys for you! It's ring tailed lemur can be a great interior toy or a wonderful plush cute gift for family or friends who love handmade realistic animals! A family of lemur made from high quality faux fur. Inside filled with padding polyester.

Olga Nechaeva
USD 115.67
Good afternoon! I present to you my mini elephant May.

Plush heart.
Plush Friend
USD 85.00
The bear is sewed of vintage plush, stuffed with sawdust. He has 6 splints and glass eyes)

Plush Rabbit "Paul"
Teddy bears & their friends
USD 85.00
Rabbit is made in the classic technique of teddy sewn by hand, all parts of the body are completely movable.

Vintage Bear Clown
USD 50.00
This vintage bear-clown was created from vintage plush and Germany viscose painted manually. The structure of the bear was fixed on 5 forelocks and the eye glasses made in Germany. Nose was made from plastic material manually. Inside the bear, sintepukh- a kind of synthetic cotton- was used as filler. He is 12,5 cms (5") tall without the cap, and with cap he is 14,5 cms (5,7") tall.

Teddy Bear "Chocolate muffin" Collection bear is made of plush.Collection bear.
adopted USD 112.00
Chocolate muffin. No color, no sugar.

15% DISCOUNT51.5 USD !Elephant baby Plush toy Stuffed animal Gift children
Teddy Toys From Galina
USD 61.00
Plush toy sewn from plush. Filled with hypoallergenic sintepukh. The toy is made in a non-smoking house. Tinted with oil paints. The toy costs itself. Head and paws are moving. The toy is dressed in a cotton dress that can be removed.

Vintage Bunny
USD 65.00
The Vintage Teddy Bunny is a juvenil bunny who looks for the house and the loving mummy who gives this name to the bunny. The 16 cm tall bunny was made of German viscose painted manually. The structure of the bunny was fixed on 5 forelocks. Eyes are German glass and the nose was embroidered with woolen threads. Inside part of the bunny was filled with glass granulate and sintepukh.

Little Sailor, plush duck, 5.5 inches (14 centimeters)
USD 95.00
Little yellow duckling named Little Sailor loves to bask and sunbathe in the spring sunshine and bravely swim in the nearest puddle! Tis duckling tis a little dream about a sunny summer days, about the fresh spring breeze and warm sun... The duckling is made of vintage plush color of sun, amazingly soft and fluffy. Glass eyes, hand-painted with acrylic paints. Eyelids, beak and legs are plastic,handmade.

Realistic plush stuffed animal toy Pomeranian Spitz, pomeranian puppy portrait,
USD 380.00
A realistic animal toy Pomeranian Spitz is a wonderful gift for you and your loved one. Also you can decorate your interior with this toy. OOAK teddy dog realistic pomeranian plush is made of artificial fur. It has a one-piece structure. The body is connected with the head and paws by a Lockline skeleton. Ears are reinforced with wire to give different positions.

Black Orchid the butterfly toy, plush Butterfly, 3.9 inches (10 centimeters)
adopted USD 128.00
And again is new butterflies in "CityPlush"!