Chloé - romantic fox
Elena Volchkova
Chloé - is one of a kind artist mini teddy fox made from viscose. Height 2,55 inch (6,5 cm) Materials: viscose, glass eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with wool. Created by my own pattern. Fox's left paw is unique embroidered with сotton thread and silk ribbons.

Hipolit the Fox
OOAK Teddy Fox Hipolit 14 cm high Materials: viscose, wool, mineral pellets, glass eyes, 5 cotterpins, discs. Hipolit wearing the cotton pants and hand knitted mohair sweater. The Fox had the handmade dummy bag.

This Teddy Fox Alice was made from vintage plush and viscose material. The structure was fixed on 5 forelocks and the eyes are German glass material. Inside part of the fox was filled with sawdust.

Fox Lucas
Let me introduce Fox Lucas! He is sewn ​​from viscose of 2 types. Toy is stuffed with sawdust and mineral granules. 5-way disk jointed. German glass eyes. Tinted with oil paints. Embroidered nose. Viscose ribbon. Height 13 cm (5.2inches).

Fox. Collection "Totem"
Foxes symbolize camouflage, observation, adaptability, cunning, family, travel, oneness, shape-shifting, wisdom and invisibility. Teddy Fox created from German viscose, hand-color, full of sawdust. His eyes are glass, hand-painted. Pants and shirt made of cotton. Scarf knitted from viscose yarn.

Fox Blueberries
Plush gang by Svetlana Semenova
Meet! Clown Blueberries! Unusual gray Fox, fun belly dancer and contortionist) Made of viscose, filling mineral grains, nice pogrustnevshy in my belly ,and sawdust.

Fox in overalls
Cuddlesome Critters
This quirky, cheeky fox is made from German viscose with German glass eyes. He is filled with wood shavings and some mineral pellets in the tummy. He wears cotton checked overalls with a wool hat. Fox is 5-way jointed and toned using pastels. Made from a pattern by Teddy Lilyglu.

Ryan fox with friend
Hello! This is my new Teddy fox Ryan with his friend goose Joe. They are old friends, and Ryan will never hurt his little friend! Ryan is 11 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 9 cm (can only sit).

Fox Tim
Teddy and Friends
A cute little fox is friends with a bird. The fox protects the bird, and she sings songs to him. Materials: viscose, holofayber, metal granulate, glass eyes, 5 cotter pins. Tinting with oil paints. Tim will go to a new house in a gift box. Bird and stump included.

Professor Moriarty
Julia's teddy Handmade
Prof.Moriarty - 14.5 cm tall fox, Sherlock's enemy, he is made of viscose, leather, silk and cotton. 5-way jointed toy is stuffed with sawdust and metall granules. Toned by artistic oil paint.

Fox Emit
Irina Kirichenko
Meet a new character - a Fox by the name of Emit.Totally new job for me.Sewn from viscose hand color.Pastel toned.Only can sit.Fully stuffed sawdust + metal granulate-very tight.Eyes from glass. The clothes are made of Italian wool and Batista.The scarf is.

Teddy World
Name: Luke, the little fox Size: 13,5 cm. Materials used: made of viscose 
Eyes: black glass eyes 
Nose: embroidered and varnished.
 Connections: the arms and legs are connected by a disk 
Filling: filled with mineral and sawdust.

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