Wedding couple Teddy bears
Do you want to make an original gift for a wedding or wedding anniversary? Then Teddy bears go to the rescue! They love each other very much and they want to share their love. A silk heart is inside every Teddy bear. Bears are made of Schulte viscose, inside are sawdust, synthetic fluff and glass granulate. The author of the pattern Butenko Natalia.

Phil and Alise
Alexsandra Astahova
I present to you a charming charismatic couple of fabulous textile birds for the decor of a non-standard wedding or as a gift to the collection. All the elements are painted and decorated by me, you can get to know each other closer with the help of a photo and accompanying text. Birds are sewn by hand from vintage plush and tinted by oil.

Ursula and Daniel
Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Сute gift for you! Ursula and Daniel 4,7",12 cm USED MATERIALS: German mohair EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Bear tinted artistic pastel . The Miniature bear is made in the single copy. Packaged in a gift box. All my bears are made completely by my hands. Bears is not intended for children to play, contains small parts. Protect from moisture and direct sunlight.

Lena Berezovaja
Teddy Bear Belle This Teddy bear is like a bouquet for bride and she is the perfect as an entourage for Wedding photo session as well. Size: 23 cm (9,05") tall . All my Bears are designed by me, made by my own pattern and hand sewed. Materials: German viscose, black German glass eyes.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud
and Mrs. Bud. This couple looks great together. You immediately notice their feelings. Love knows no barriers, and Bears want to live together all life. They will symbolize the eternity of feelings and become the guardians of your family. Bears are made of mohair. Wedding jewelry in the form of a frill made of lace and complemented by beads and sequins. A bear of soft mohair.

Fairy tale "Three bears"
Galina Khalikova
This is a Russian fairy tale “Three bears”. The bears are mother (10,4 inches, or 26 cm), father (10,8 inches, or 27 cm) and a son (8,4 inches, or 21 cm). They will become a great present for a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary. The bear family is very kind, cozy and sincere. They’ll bring happiness to your home! Sewn from Italian brown viscose, filled with metal granulate and softwood.

Gloria and Grace
A pair of elegant spring teddy rabbits is a wonderful romantic gift for the anniversary of the wedding, as a symbol of love, family happiness, spring awakening in nature. Height with allowance for ears 30 cm \ 11.8 inches The spring pair of Rabbits in clothes from natural materials leon, cotton, wool, felt, shebbie-ribbon. The plush rabbit jacket is decorated with hand-embroidered snowdrops. All accessories are made by hand.

Bear in a cap, with a bow in black and red color, with a wooden heart, a gift f
Irina's Teddies
Teddy bear from brown Italian viscose. Bear stuffed with sawdust. Handles and legs move. The cap is dressed in a red and black color and a black lace bow. There is also a red wooden heart on which we can write the name of your loved one, i.e. make a personalized inscription.

Couple bears
Couple of bears. For a gift for life. A unique pair that can be traced back to the heritage as a relic.

Sweet couple (Lucas and Emma)
This is the sweetest couple in the world.

Little Masha
Teddy whith love
Bear Masha is looking for loving parents.

Wedding Bears
Bears sewn from a special fur for miniatures. Head and paws on joints, paws embroidered thread & made from real leather. Upper paws can bend. Glass eyes. The nose & claws are made from baked plastic fimo. Teeth are made of frozen plastic. Tongue made from natural suede. Bear stuffed with mineral granulate & silicone. Toning by pastels & oil paints. All clothes and accessories can be removed!

Molly bear
Anna Bratkova
Classic Shabby chic style girl Molly of White Wedding Snow collection 8,5 inc. Bear made of vintage soft milk color german viscose, stuffed with sawdust, metall granules 5 way jointed cotton clothes

Wedding Bells
Pretty Teddy
Wedding bears to coral wedding. Hight is 17 cm = 6,7''. Viscose, sawdust and metal granules. Tinted with oil pastels. Removable clothing, removable stand.

Wedding teddy bears
MADE TO ORDER (150$)! Possible duplicate, an exact copy is impossible! Term of production depends on the availability of material. Contact me convenient way for you to discuss the details of the order (production time, changes, etc.). Wedding teddy bears. A good gift to the newlyweds! Color your wedding! Bears sewn from vintage plush manual dyeing. Stuffed with sawdust. The stomack is filled with mineral grains.