Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
USD 327.90
Casablanca is 11 inches tall and created from beautiful jet black dense wavy German mohair. He is five way cotter pin joined with a wobble neck joint and a traditional hump. His face has been needle and scissor sculpted, his eyes are black glass, he has hand shading to give him a loved and aged look all over.

Ears Bears
USD 158.07
She is a gorgeous 9 inch kitty bear made from a gorgeous, dense alpaca fur. She is five way jointed and has needle felted paw pads. Her face has been extensively scissor sculpted with a little bit of shading to give her an adorable expression.

USD 68.47
Gems fur may look a little different in the photos, as the lighter fur is with lamp lights and the darker fur is with natural light. This fur varies depending on the light. Gem is a 6.5 inch collectable bear,from ear to foot, that is completely hand sewn. She is made from scruffy faux fur, cotterpin joints, steel pellets, stuffing, and glass eyes.

Mr Pipkin
Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
USD 478.09
Mr Pipkin is 14 inches tall and created from stunning straw gold Batik windswept German mohair. He is five way cotter pin jointed with a traditional neck. His face has been needle and scissor sculpted, his eyes are black boot button, he has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look.

Ballet school
Lord Bears
USD 80.00
Bear sewn from vintage plush, toned and aged. Filled with sawdust.

Lilly of the valley
Gingercat Bears
USD 110.00
Bear made of plush, 5 cotter pins, stuffed with sawdust, weighted with mineral granulate. Eyes-glass.

Poodle puppy Margarita
USD 95.00
Poodle puppy Margarita mohair, stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate.

Peter bear
USD 95.00
Peter bear is sewn from German mohair, has movable head and paws, glass eyes. Dressed in a vest. Stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate, belly soft.

USD 130.00
Mouse, 15 cm.

Daria monkey teddy
USD 161.03
Monkey teddy Daria created from vintage plush hand-painted golden colour on a contrasting peach-based, pilotscale packed, weighted granulate. glass eyes hand-painted. monkey teddy is tinted with pastel and oil. the tail of the monkey teddy is reinforced. Monkey teddy can stand and sit.

Collector Button Bears
USD 118.99
Red is a little fox he is five way cotter pin jointed.  He is made from mohair and has a weighted plush tail.  He has glass eyes and a needle felted face with soft pastel shading.  He is approx 18cm, 13cm sitting.

Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears
USD 61.64
This little guy Crispin is made from a Russet red German mohair. He has a lovely character about him. He is filled with heavy fibre filling and also weighted nicely with shot for a solid feel. He is 12.25oz. German black glass eyes. Shaded and needle sculpted suedette paws. Embroidered and beeswaxed nose. Cotter pin jointed. He will come presented with a nice box.

Sergio (100%wool "Loro Piana")
USD 225.00
This lovely pink bulldog the kid is called by Sergio in memory of one of vice-presidents of the Italian brand of "Loro Piana" Sergio Loro Piana In the Russian symbolism PINK color COLOUR of DREAM of.Sergio soft, gentle to the touch, its shyorstka from bilateral (pink and noble beige), the most delicate wool (100%wool) "Loro Piana". Ears on a framework, it is possible to change situation.

Lou the Skunk
My Pangaea
USD 185.00
Lou is a sweet baby of a skunk. His height in standing position is 16.5 centimeters ( 6,5 inches) and 13 cm (5 inches) in sitting position. He can't stand without support. The nose, claws and pads are made of polymer clay. Lou has German glass eyes. Sewn from German faux fur completely by hand on my author's pattern. The tail has a wire inside and can change a position.

USD 110.00
Luka! 15 cm sitting.