Black & White "Mickey"
Nature bears by Veronika Heck

The fox has a 5-pin fastening, is densely packed with sawdust, weighted with a metal granulate, tinted with oil and pastel.

elephant Mason
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Gentle and shy elephant Mason Sewn from German viscose, weighted with granulate. Filling of sawdust. Growth 9 inches Ears are completely embroidered with beads and beads, gorgeous shimmer in the sunlight. Shoes made of suede, fully removable Overalls also removed, on the outfits of a silk ribbon Mason is lonely and wants to find a friend. Ordering Information: I accept Paypal payment.

Atocha. КРОЛИК.
A lady by the name of Atocha. Interior toy. Bunny is made from German mohair pile length 16mm Artificially aged with oil pastels. Eyes glass-Germany. The legs and head are movable,on five pins,Packed tightly with sawdust,weighted with metal granulate. Only sit. Growth is from tip of ears to the tips of the legs 40 cm,sitting ,without ears 25cm. The jabot is made of antique lace.

toy beagle girl
The toy is made of American plush very soft to the touch Everything is sewn by hand fur tinted art oil The toy is weighted with a hypoallergenic granule, filled with synthetic fluff.

Gems fur may look a little different in the photos, as the lighter fur is with lamp lights and the darker fur is with natural light. This fur varies depending on the light. Gem is a 6.5 inch collectable bear,from ear to foot, that is completely hand sewn. She is made from scruffy faux fur, cotterpin joints, steel pellets, stuffing, and glass eyes.

Caramel teddy bear
Caramel Teddy bear is made of Alpaca, stuffed with sawdust and wood wool from cedar.

Hedgehog Senya
Hedgehog Senya growth 9 centimeters sitting.Made of viscose and hedgehog mohair.Is filled with holofiber and weighted metal granulate.Eyes glass, hand-molded nose.Positive smile .Accessories mushroom and basket with flowers.Care dry cleaning.

Pig stitched on the pattern of a wonderful Irina Kunah.

teddy bear baby
My love of plush 79
I first created a large set of gambling with the author for a child!!!

Little lion Cyrus
Svetiana Akimova WORKSHOP TOYS
Little lion Cyrus is made of artificial fur.

The bear is sewn from high-quality German mohair, leather. Claws are made of polymer clay. Filled with wool, sawdust, weighted with metal granulate.

Elena Ginter
bear Gennady height 26 cm , * sewn from vintage Soviet plush stuffing cedar shavings, coconut fiber, wood wool , * not weighted fillers!!!

Fashion Dog
Fashion doggy with hearts in the red skirt.Will be your best friend She will also always advice you anything about fashion, because fashion is her profession) Adorable dog looking for her mom! The hoop with hearts is removed Dog height is 35 cm standing, sitting 22 cm. Mixed technique, viscose + dry felting, stuffed with wool. 5 cotter pins. Dog cannot stand itself, is weighted by a metal granulate. Leather boots.

Daria monkey teddy
Monkey teddy Daria created from vintage plush hand-painted golden colour on a contrasting peach-based, pilotscale packed, weighted granulate. glass eyes hand-painted. monkey teddy is tinted with pastel and oil. the tail of the monkey teddy is reinforced. Monkey teddy can stand and sit.