elephant "Nostalgia"
Bears by Zarina Madi
Good memories of a carefree childhood, a cozy parental home, family traditions and happy holidays ...   The elephant is sewn from professional materials: Viscose Schulte; filled with sawdust and metal granulate.

Bear on a light cart
Bear from a plush on a light cart. Sewing under the vintage toy of 1900th. Made old. The plush of nut-beige color, with a frizz, is very soft to the touch. Filled by sawdusts, made heavier by a metallic granulate. Еyes glass on a loop. Stands on a wooden light cart on wheels.

RAY 18 cm tall He is made from a vintage viscose that has been tinted to give Teddy a truly vintage look. The hat is made of cotton. He has a cape made of fine viscose on a lining and a vintage french cotton lace . Eyes are made of glass.

Vanechka One of a Kind Height - 22 cm. Sew in viscose; 5 joints, Head - on the mobile; Eyes - glass; inside - sintepuh and glass granulate; Cilia and bangs - puppet. Clothing: skullcap - corduroy, panties And shirt - cambric, vest - threads "iris", Sandalaki - leather.

Teddy Bear, from the collection of "love story" toy that loved and cherished! This toy is as old book, reading which we plunge into the world of old fairy tales from my childhood:  That came the same day that was waiting for a little girl with lovely blue eyes and provocative curls.

ALFREDO THE SWAMI mohair fortune teller, swami
Klintzfamily Bears
ALFREDO THE SWAMI, mystic, fortune telling teddy bear and magic gazing ball circus bear mystic clown Teddy bears aren’t just for beds tops and toy rooms anymore. In this day and age, some bears can even tell your fortune. Horriblescopes and Parrot (tarot) cards are for chumps and sissies.

Teddy by Mila Khrystynchenko
Meet is Jules! A little shabby rabbit, loved by many generations of children. Today he is ready to go to a new house to meet a new friend to become for him a real rabbit, as in the fairy tale "Velveteen Rabbit". Height with ears 26 cm. Stands with support.

Teddy bear elephant
Teddy bear from tanja
The trolley is made of wood, on wheels. Illet with the elephant. The sauces are sewn from a plush of manual coloring, filled with opiates and granules, toned with oil paint.

Bulldog Bolik on wheels
JuNa Art
Bolik is the vintage style bulldog on wheels. Made from the pattern that was created by me. SIZE : ca 13 cm (hight with wheels) x 11 cm USED MATERIALS: German viscose EYES: German glass FILLING:Woolfill and metal pellets DETAILS: painted with oil paints and Copics. WHEELS go round.

M I D N I G H T Elephant
Elephant M I D N I G H T I am pleased to present you the Elephant Midnight in vintage style. Antique pattern. He sewn by hand from beautiful Italy viscose grey blue color. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. His eyes are black German glass.

Pig Rozzie
Let me introduce a nice collectible toy in a vintage style on a wooden cart! The pig is sewn from a vintage plush, filled with sawdust, tinted with oil paints. Glass eyes. Since the stand is not removed. The wooden cart has an aged look, covered with acrylic paints.

Puppy on wheels
A little puppy on wheels. The dog is securely attached to a wooden cart. The dog has a mobile head, it rotates 360 degrees. The toy is made of plush, dense stuffing of sawdust, glass eyes and nose made of plastic. A perfect gift for those who love vintage toys or for collection. Height 13 cm \ 5.

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