Тhis blue elephant's name is Ely . Full heigh about 19 cm (7,5 inches), in the sitting position about 15 cm (5,7 inches) Material: viscose filled with sawdust and metal granulate added for weight. Mount: disk + pin head +4 paws. Sewn by hands. Author tinted with oil paints and pastels. Eyes: glass black color.

Elephant Dambo
This Elephant Dambo was was made of American plush.

Elephant Mason. Full height 8.4 inches(21.5cm). Materials:. german viscose, german glass eyes disks and joints, fiber filler fabric, lace,buttons, pastel. Layaway is possible. First payment non-refundable.

Elephant teddy Eva
Bears by Natalya Budkevich
It seemed to me or did Eve have a really broken heart? She is the only remaining mammoth from the time when all the mammoths left our planet. Eve is sad ... Sits on the sidelines and mutters something quietly under his breath Boo-boo-boo-boo. Do not be sad, my girl. I know, I feel, you will soon find your good family.

Kate Migulina
Elephant elf Lairiel made of soft viscoze, filled with sawdust. It has real glass eyes. It can move its arms, feet and head because it is fully jointed. A full-length elephant 18 cm (7 inch), sitting about 14 cm (5,5 inch). The elephant is wearing a dress. The dress is sewn of soft cotton and decorated with antique lace. on the elephant's head wearing a wreath.

Sometimes I want to make little animals and then my studio's changed in the magic zoo. Blue elephant is walking there, a red fox is hiding and a pink piggy is grunting. Children run near my table and when a new animal born they are talking, "It is so cute and funny! Let keep it, mum". I'm laughing.

Elephant Lewis
Elephant Lewis Height 9 cm (total height) His head, legs and arms are mobile. Filled sawdust and metal granulate Black eyes (German glass) Elephant has a sweater, vest (can be removed) This elephant will be your friend or the perfect accessory for your home and perhaps the perfect gift. All my bears, hares and other creations are for adult collectors, not for children (small details).

Plush elephant "Marshmallow"
Teddy bears & their friends
Plush elephant "Marshmallow" is made in the classic technique of teddy sewn by hand, all parts of the body are completely movable.

OZ Olga Zharkova
Who said that the elephant, the Panda does not exist?) I used to think so too. Nowhere and never seen such a way of. So decided sew this) Perhaps this the first elephant Panda in world Sewn from vintage plush and viscose. Filled with sawdust and sand. It has a movable attachment limbs. Tinting with oil paints. On the head of a beautiful bow. Not a game. Collection only.

Teddy the elephant.
Sewn from German viscose, stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate, fastening on the pins, legs are soft, he sits.Dress and pants made of cotton, removable. Ordering Information: Thank you to all who view and adopt my teddy bears and other beloved figurines! I appreciate your interest and support! Sending a package airmail. Package tracking number. Send in a cardboard box and wrapping paper.

The little elephant is 11 cm (~4 1/4 in) high, made of the Helmbold viscose fabric; the eyes are made of glass. The little one is sawdust stuffed, balanced with natural pebbles and tinted with pastel. The elephant will be your best friend who could fit even in a small bag — and he/she does like traveling a lot. The elephant will come to you in a beautiful package.

Elephant Summer
Olga Bakhareva
Let me introduce you to the little princess the elephant Summer!

Elephant antistress
bears by Alexandra Yaskevich_masterdobra
Very cozy, tactile anti-stress toy. She can always be with you in your pocket or purse. The body is pleasantly and soothingly rustling balls. Hand-sewn from vintage plush. The head on the cotter pin. Body one-piece. Stuffing mixed: synthetic winterizer + glass and rubber granules. Glass eyes. On the neck is a ribbon bow. On the back is a leather name tag, comfortable to hold for it.

Baby elephant
Toys by Talya Roshchina
The toy elephant is made of German viscose and faux fur.

Larisa Vasylieva
The Elephant is sewn from denim. The head, limbs and tail are mounted on metal buttons-rivets, they are mobile. His torso is hollow and can be used as a small handbag., Materials: denim, accessories. Filling fiberfill. Decorated with thread of white and red color., Please note that due to the used small parts / components it is not suitable and not intended for small children., Single copy.

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