Giraffe on wheels
The toy giraffe on wheels is made for old toys. Giraffe is made of thick cotton, hand-painted animal skins. Eyes from beads. The cart and wheels are made of wood. The toy is artificially aged. This is a great copy for the collection of handmade antique toys. The giraffe is small and very durable. The height of the giraffe figure is 13.5 cm / 5 inches.

toy giraffe
Toy workshop family Filippov
Toy toy giraffe toy Teddy toy Teddy giraffe gift toy gift giraffe fantasy toy kids buy toy OOAK soft toy Hello! I want to introduce you to a toy giraffe, made in the style of Teddy. Delicate girl made of plush body filler synthetic padding, weighting glass granulate, splintage mount (hands legs head turns. plastic eyes. Giraffe sprout-11d (28 cm). You can buy this baby right now.

Giraffe Pete
100% handmade Original sewing pattern. Pete's giraffe sewn from plush hand painted. This is a frame toy. Materials: wire, holofiber, plastic.

Teddy Bears Custom Toys by Anastasiia Denysova
My new Teddy's Friend amazing Giraffe Mason. He made of viscose, sawdust, granulate, oiled. "Please check shipping costs abroad"

Bears by Olga_Neprel
Vintage.Simple-miniature giraffe is made of plush. filler sawdust. Clothes made of natural cotton, shoes genuine leather .Eyes and spout ,plastic, glass. All parts of the body can move as they are disk jointed.

Ludo teddy giraffe
Elena Volchkova
Let me introduce you to Ludo. He is a gentle giraffe who loves books and walks in the park. He likes cappuccino and look out the window. He has a long neck, but his height is only 3,3" (8.5 cm). Materials: viscose, glass eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with wool, a bit of metal pellets in a bump. Tinted by pastel. Created by my own pattern.

Giraffe Christopher and bear
Bear and Giraffe The growth of a Giraffe Christopher is 35cm. The head and body are connected skeleton Lockline. Badger cub made from qualitative German plush. 4-way disk-jointed. he has glass eyes. Tonned by oil paint. Fully jointed and stuffed with polyester fiberfill and metall granulate for a nice weighted feeling when he sits in your hand.

Bears by Mariya Stratonova
Giraffe Alice Small and very tender girl, Height 10.2" (26cm) with horns, 8.3" (21 cm) in a sitting position.

Giraffe Biscuit
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
Teddy Bear stile Artist Giraffe viscose Giraffe with crocheted bear 2.9 inch handmade collectible jointed OOAK Teddy Bear staffed toy. Little giraffe, like any child, loves his crocheted teddy bear And wherever he went, the bear is always with him! Just 3 inches (7.5 centimeters so can travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and also can be the best friend for your bjd doll!!!

The giraffe is made of Italian viscose. All legs and neck are reinforced with wire. Giraffe can sit, stand, all legs and neck can be moved.

Giraffe on wheels
JuNa Art
The Giraffe on wheels SIZE : ca 17 cm (hight with wheels) USED MATERIALS: German viscose EYES: German glass FILLING: Woolfill and metal pellets DETAILS: painted with oil paints and Copics.

Little giraffe Wendy
Timchenko Oksana
Hello! I want to introduce my new work to a Little giraffe Wendy! Materials:german plush, synthetic fillergranulate, 5 cotter pinsglass eyes with author's painting, pastel. Thank you for your attention to my work!

Giraffe Elizabeth
New girl-Giraffe sewn from german viscose, painted by hand, filled with sawdust, holofayber, weighted glass granulate.

capricorn the giraffe
Bearmore Bears
Artist giraffe creation number 2 made from plush and jointed. Capricorn is made from animal print faux fur and ultra suede.

Teddy by Tatiana Fedorova
The giraffe is made of special fur for miniatures and artificial suede. Stuffed with wool and steel granules.

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