Panda Artyom
YaMaLina (Alina Tsyganova)
He believes in magic! He really wants you to read good tales to him every evening. After listening to the tale he falls asleep well. I create with love and only in a good mood. All my toys are sewn on my unique author's pattern.The bear sewn completely by hand no machine seams. Materials: artifical fur, fiberfill, steel pellets, miniature fabrics, polymer clay. Height: 12 cm in sitting position.

My dear friends I'm happy to present you my new big teddy panda Marcus. Marcus is sewn from of Schulte mohair. The bear is fulfilled with love, birch sawdust and glass granulated materials. That combination is making a bear to be a little bit heavy. As usual at this bear I used my favorite cotter pin joints: so hands, legs and head can be moved.

Collector Button Bears
Alpaca Panda in soft brown and cream, needle felted face with english glass eyes.  Approx 6" tall.

YoYo Bears
Meeks is a 16" One-Of-A-Kind black and white panda. Glass eyes. Needle felted muzzle and eye patches. Leather Trapunto paw pads. Full body armature. Resin sculpted nose.

Panda Shu
A small fluffy panda was born in June 2018 specifically for the exhibition teddy picnic. A small fluffy panda was born in June 2018 specifically for the exhibition teddy picnic. The child can sit and stand with support. Loves to be stroked and complimented. He will come with his patchwork quilt and a small white anchor around his neck.

KINGAH , the panda cub

Panda with a blanket
The little fluffy panda is made to order. Head and legs move. He likes to sit and lie on the blanket. It is necessary only with a support.

Mei Lun
I've got a new baby. His name is Mei Lun. In July 2013, the Panda twins were born at the Atlanta zoo. During the vote, they were chosen the names of Mei Lun and Mei Huan (from the Chinese idiom, translated as "something indescribably beautiful"). While Mei Huan is still in the project, I will call the newly appeared baby "something indescribably beautiful" Yes, not modestly.

Blue Panda
Olga Kravchuk-the house of the bears
Blue Panda is made of high quality fur. filled with synthetic down and mineral granules.

Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Created by the author's pattern of seven types of fur. Panda is very flexible: the body and the tail on the skeletons of different species, paws on the cotter pin and reinforced with wire, the ears are reinforced, they can give a different mood! Eyes with movable eyelids, which are fixed in any position.

LOVE ME , the panda cub

YUAN MENG , the panda cub

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