Maltese puppy teddy
USD 85.00
A small and funny puppy Maltese want find home. Has a surprised expression. He can to sit and lie. The size of the palm. He does not have a name.

Christopher puppy maltese
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
adopted USD 850.00
Let me introduce you to the micro-Maltese. Her name is Christopher. The puppy made in full size. Its length without a tail is 18 centimeters. It is sewn manually of soft faux fur. The flexible frame inside allows you to move your head, four legs and tail to express your mood (according to your desire). Ears are also strengthened and can take different positions. Eyes are glass.

Maltese Puppy
USD 110.00
The Maltese doggie is 20 cm in length without tail, 15 cm in height. Made of two types of mohair produced by the Schulte factory. Glass eyes, nose, teeth, tongue and pads on the legs are molded by hand from baked plastic. In the body there is a plastic skeleton, the paws on the cotter pin (movable). Filled with polyester fiber, glass granulate.

White lion Leon: Realistic animal handmade plush toy gift
Realistic Toys Store
reserved USD 380.00
I present to you a realistic toy of a very rare breed the white lion Leon. According to the legend of African tribes, he helps to overcome all adversity. This handmade gift will be perfect and unforgettable for yourself, friends, your family members or your love! The lion is made of faux white fur.

Pomeranian white spitz handmade Stuffed dog collectible toy OOAK teddy dog spitz
USD 95.00
I am a small, white puppy Pomeranian. My size is 26 cm. = 10.2 inches Puppy made of faux fur. The head, body and legs are connected with a plastic frame Lockline.Thank the skeleton, puppy, fully mobile, can take any posture (can sit, stand, lie down, tilt her head). Tail and ears are reinforced and may bend., Eyes from glass of handwork.

Snowball Bunny.Snowball a white rabbit .Handmade toys.
USD 50.00
Snowball is an abandoned rabbit and the primary antagonist of The Secret Life of Pets and a major character in the incoming sequel. He is the formerly leader of an animal gang, The Flushed Pets. When he led The Flushed Pets, he despised the domesticated pets of New York and their owners.

Miniature of Manul. Cat. Toys . Handmade toys. Animals and plush. OOAK handmade
USD 100.00
Cat. Toys . Handmade toys. Animals and plush. OOAK handmade animal kawaii Realistic Stuffed cat Collectible Artist Toys Realistic Stuffed cat collectible Artist toy OOAK Realistic Stuffed cat collectible Artist toy OOAK teddy cat. Мiniature of Manul. Cat. Realistic toy sewn entirely by hand from faux fur. Manul on the wire skeleton, making it mobile, it can sit, stand, lie (with your help). Nose, paw pads are made of plastic.

Puppy Bella
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
adopted USD 150.00
This is a new kind of my puppies a teacup puppy of a white biver yourk! She is so sensitive and sweet! Her name is Bella. Her height is 15 cm in a standing position. She is sewn from a soft faux fur of a goat in a cream white colour. The head and paws can be moved over 360 degrees there are special cotter pins.

Villa Paradiso
USD 212.90
This sweet white puppy has a name Zucchero that from Italian means Sugar. he is a sweet bichonfrisè puppy of 24cm//9,5’ tall (without considering the tail). He can make a lot of poses (set, stay on 4 legs, lay down) 100% handmade artist work, completely hand sewn, with clay hand sculpted details. • Material: Curly artificial fur • Head: glass eyes, airdry clay, sculpted details inside.

Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
adopted USD 900.00
A realistic cat sewed in full size, made of special fur for teddy bears. The size of a cat is about 45 cm from nose to tail (without tail length). The cat has one local skeleton inside the body, legs, and tail so it can change its position. , He can take any position (sit, lie down and stand). All parts of the body are mobile.

Maltese dog
adopted USD 550.00
I have made soooo cute lady!) It is realistic Maltese dog. Adopted!!!! Paws, neck,ears, tail of realistic dog are movable. They have an internal skeleton, they may be slightly bent. Dog can stand , sit or lie • 21.5"(55cm) long (excluding the tail). • 10" (25cm) (height at the withers). • made from high-quality artificial fur. • hand sculpted polymer clay nose, paws, claws. • glass eyes.

The workshop of Businka
reserved USD 260.00
Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." Have you ever heard these words? If the answer is "yes", you probably know the song "Copacabana" of Barry Manilow, for which he got his GRAMMY. So, looking at this cute puppy-girl I can't imagine the name that would have matched better. LOLA.

Sloth Lola. Realistic toy.
Teddy Toys From Galina
USD 110.00
I'm happy to show you a little sloth! This toy is one of a kind. Therefore, it is a unique gift for your friends, colleagues or family! By the way, this toy can be YOUR best friend! Be sure that no one will have such a pet!   About this toy:   This realistic toy is sewn of high-quality faux fur. Filled with hypoallergenic sintepukh. The length is 20 cm (7.87 inches).

Maltese keychain
Peggy & Molly Teddies
USD 42.74
*** Maltese keyring *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies. Size: 7cm (2,75") without the chain Materials:Faux fur, Glass eyesCold porcelaine, Shaded with artist oils -Metal chain and clamp

Bluebearries Toys
USD 218.98
Holly is a Maltese dog.