Albinos Rat Miss Springfield
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
USD 135.00
This little rat is the cutest one ever!!! She is real albinos with pink eyes so she brings lucky! And also now she dreams of travel! Her valise has any stamp yet, but they soon will be! the main thing to believe! in which the country will go a little traveler? ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ Height 10 сm\3.9 inches sitting, viscose and sued.

Mouse max
USD 160.00
He is a child: inquisitive and agile. His height is 30 cm. Max is made of faux fur. Inside the toy there is a skeleton that allows you to change the position of the body: Max can stand, sit, each leg is mobile. Max's ears, nose and legs are made of polymer clay. And Max has his favorite sweatshirt — she is soft and comfortable.

Old Rat
USD 107.42
Old rat.

Little Mouse Peak
USD 42.00
The Little Mouse Peak was made of German viscose material painted manually. The structure of the Peak was fixed on 5 forelocks. Eyes are German glass material and the nose was embroidered with threads. Inside part of the Mouse was filled with sintepukh and glass granulate. This little friend could easily be carried in a handbag and would be a happy companion for you.

Teddy Rat "Madame Tenderness"
Marina Stepanova
USD 70.00
Teddy rat "Madame Tenderness" height about 27 cm, or 10.6". Made entirely by hand from the plush times of the USSR, manual color, stuffed with wood wool and metal granulate to give a "live" weight. Stitched by all the canons of Teddy, 5 splintage connection. head slightly tilted. Arms, legs, head rotates 360 degrees. Glass eyes handmade in Germany embroidered nose. Ears plush.

Mouse Jackie
Dubyanskaya TOYS
USD 60.00
By the name of Jackie He greets you and takes off his hat. Always elegant and handsome Mr. On the neck collar in the assembly (not removable) Cute ears in polka dot fabric will not leave you indifferent. He herself is lovely. The cap is removed. Himself stands and sits. Arms, legs, head and tail are mobile Looking for a hostess for evening walks.

Rat Kristy
Algis bear
USD 206.83
Rat Kristy Height standing: 22 cm (8.66") Rat Kristy is made of high quality faux fur, natural wool, polymer clay and has glass eyes. All Rat's limbs are cotter pinned and have wires inside them. Inside her head, body and tail there is the LockLine skeleton. Kristy's body is fully adjustable. Filling: natural German wool and glass granules. Rat Kristy comes to you from a non-smoking and no-pets environment.

Rat Larisa.
Elena Fomina
USD 80.00
Rat Larisa. Tall and graceful. Loves the sea very much. Made from viscose. Filled with sawdust, linch pin. Glass eyes handmade. Swim and pants are removed, they are made of cotton. Enjoy watching.

Antonina Shantts
USD 182.52
Rat in a hat sitting on a candlestick.

Antonina Shantts
USD 158.21
a little rat in a tin can with cheese, a hat can be taken off.

Antonina Shantts
USD 182.52
Rat-gnome, clothes made of leather, can be removed.

Antonina Shantts
USD 158.21
Little rat in a vintage vase. Rat-beads. The fastenings are loose: the head and limbs move freely. Looking for a house.

Antonina Shantts
USD 194.67
Black rats, stitched from mohair. Leather hood can be removed.

Library mouse
Antonina Shantts
USD 182.52
A little rat, he lives in the library. His clothes have long worn out ... and for him it does not matter ... He loves to read and read ....

Nastya the Rat
USD 85.00
Beautiful rat named Nastya! She loves people and communicating with them. Rat is so loyal and friendly!