Wombat Areta
Wombat Areta height of 7.8 inches (20 cm) sitting. Growth standing 9.8 inches (25cm). Independently it is not necessary, but confidently sits. The wombat is made of artificial German fur. Filling: woolen fibers and metal pellets. The stuffing of the body is soft. The paws are articulated. 4 cotter pins. Paws bend. Head attachment is a plastic skeleton.

Baby Wombat
Teddy Trendy Bears
Baby Wombat has a hat, scarf and one sock).

Wombat Basil
Victoria Ivanova
Wombat sewn from plush Glass eyes Backed plastic Head and legs are mobile Filled with wool and metal granulat

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Marmot.This is a marmot, a pot-bellied member of the squirrel family.While he has many pillows, he will only continue to sleep.Materials: mohair, sawdust, mineral granulate.